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St. Patrick's Day Party Themes

On March 17, the world celebrates St. Patrick's Day.  While he is the patron saint of Ireland, the entire world has embraced this day.  For some, it is an important religious day and time of observance; for others, it is a secular celebration, complete with leprechauns and rainbows. This March, you can do more than wear green to honor St. Patrick.  With these party themes and your Irish pride, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Celebrate Green St. Patrick’s Day and green go together like… well, St. Patrick’s Day and green.  Pubs and bars around the country serve

St. Patty's Day Mint Chip Freeze Recipe

Sure, you've made St. Patrick's Day Cookies, but are you looking to serve up something cool and green this St. Patrick's Day?  This recipe combines delicious Mint Chip ice cream with a cookie crumb crust for a dessert that strikes gold.  There are several versions of this recipe including one that has a brownie crust from Our Best Bites (the above image is their delectable dessert).  We also found this great one from Taste of Home that uses Oreo cookies for the crust.  Either way it is mouth-watering. This is a great plan-ahead dessert because it can be frozen up