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How to Make Cookie Wedding Favors

Cookies are welcome at any party. Everyone loves getting and eating cookies. If you want to include cookies in your wedding, why not make them as favors? With a little ingenuity and a little practice, you can make really fun and adorable wedding cookies. Start with a really good recipe for sugar cookies. Don’t even consider store bought as they won’t taste or look good in the end. Then, decide on a cookie shape. You can choose a cookie cutter that looks like a wedding cake, a heart, a flower, a shoe, or even just an elegant square or oval.

How to Make Homemade Cookie Party Favors

Baking cookies to give as favors at a wedding, shower, or other event can be a great way to get people involved. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, divide up the work so that it becomes a party in and of itself! It’s actually very simple to create cookie favors that look like they took much more time than they did. Here are some tips to get you started. You’ll need a good basic sugar cookie recipe if you’re making rolled cookies with cookie cutters. This recipe from is easy and takes few ingredients. BASIC SUGAR COOKIES