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We have recently expanded our corporate gift program to include a wide variety of congratulations gifts and promotion recognition ideas, client gifts, employee appreciation gifts, and custom designs. Many of our specialty gift baskets and selections include imprinted ribbon, fire branded logos and other personalization options so your client gift will be remembered. We can even print your logo or other message on a cookie or in chocolate!

You can order your gift baskets online or call us at 1-800-590-1388. Our order center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With over 3500 distinctive gourmet food gifts and gift baskets online, we have something for just about any occasion or budget. We do offer customization on orders of 20 or more of the same item so be sure to call our corporate specialist for large orders that require personalization. In addition, large orders with items all shipping to the same location may qualify for bulk shipping discounts so call a customer service representative to get a custom shipping quote for your corporate gift baskets.

About Our Unique Gift Baskets

AA Gifts & Baskets is your one-stop shop for gourmet food gifts and gift baskets. Whether you are looking for corporate gift baskets, birthday presents, new baby selections or sympathy gift baskets, we have the perfect themed item. Those with a milestone birthday coming up might appreciate our fun and festive birthday baskets with ideas for 40th and 50th birthdays. And be sure to check out our selection of housewarming gifts for the proud new home owner, or our wedding ideas for the newlyweds.

Our customers can also shop based on the recipient's hobbies or gourmet taste buds. You can buy coffee gift baskets, snack gift baskets, bath or spa gifts, and even fruit baskets for the health conscious person on your gift list. And as if that isn't enough, we also offer gourmet food gifts in many varieties, including cheesecakes, popcorn tins, cookie gift bouquets, chocolate candy baskets, coffee selections & more. For those with special dietary needs, be sure to check out our organic & sugar free gifts. You'll find gift baskets for just about any occasion, reason, or season!

What Our Customers Say...

"I have been using All About Gifts & Baskets for a few years now. Whenever a special occasion arises, be it happy or sad, I can always count on AAGB to help me find the right gift to send. The presentation stands out and is always a hit with the recipients. Thank you for providing this service!" - Nadine W.

"Your company called me once they found out the Welcome Home or Get Well balloons were out of stock and they wanted to replace it with the Smiley face balloon. I thought that was awesome customer service and there was no delay in delivery. Kudos to you guys. Thanks again." - Barbara U

"I have sent two of your baskets as gifts and they were both very well received. The ill 10 year old who received a basket was delighted to have age-appropriate activities to do rather than just food or flowers." - Kristi

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What is a gift basket? A gift basket is a collection of small items packaged together, usually themed for a holiday, special occasion or particular interest, and arranged in a basket or other special container instead of a traditional wrapped box. Individual items are artfully arranged and the basket wrapped in transparent cellophane with ribbon and bows. Gift baskets have evolved from their Easter basket predecessors into diverse and sophisticated gift-giving options for almost any occasion and person.

Why do people give gift baskets? Mainly people give gift baskets for the delight they bring with several gifts inside one. Gift baskets are versatile, affordable, readily available and allow for many creative options. They are convenient without sacrificing personal touch, and ship easily.

Giving Gift Baskets at work

Are gift baskets to clients tax deductible? According to IRS Publication 463 for tax year 2015, a gift basket is considered a tax deductible business expense if it is intended to benefit or for the personal use of a particular person or a limited group of people. You can give gift baskets directly or indirectly, for example, to either an individual customer or their department staff. The amount and type of expense you claim for gift baskets depends on what the gift is, how much it cost and when it will be used. There is a $25.00 limit per recipient per year on gifts.

Choosing a gift basket

Should I make my own gift basket or purchase one? As long as your gift basket is tastefully done and beautifully presented, the option to make or purchase one is strictly personal preference. Perishables like frozen steaks, fresh fruit, desserts, candles and plants, for example, are better purchased because they already are packaged and packed for shipping to any climate. The more formal the event or relationship, the more appropriate it would be to purchase one.

How do you decide what gifts to include in a gift basket? For every theme and occasion, choose gifts that are age-appropriate, suitable for the occasion and are relationship-appropriate. Plastic toy building bricks may be a great choice for an eight-year-old but potentially lethal to their baby brothers and sisters. Consider cultural diversity and personal preferences. Your friends of faith may not appreciate a yummy-baked ham any more than ones trying to watch their intake will want a bottle of wine or mound of sugary or sodium-saturated edibles.

What types of gift baskets are appropriate for military packages? United States Armed Forces service members especially like receiving gum, candy and other confectionary from back home in the USA. Toiletries, books or magazines, postage stamps and stationary and things they cannot purchase where they are stationed are also appreciated.

What types of gift baskets do teachers like? Office and classroom supplies are popular choices for teachers. Specialty supplies like multi-colored or themed sticky notes, vinyl-coated paper clips and decorative heavy duty magnets make work more fun. Zip-close storage bags in all sizes are always in need and pair well with their lidded, clear plastic storage-container counterparts filed with supplies or assorted individually wrapped treats. For a gift that's just for teacher, consider arrangements of paper goods, microwaveable popcorn and assorted instant cocoa and related supplies or pair books with bath salts, bonbons, candles and pretty matches.

What would make a great gift basket for a home or office kitchen? Answer: A new coffeemaker or an existing one in the same old space calls for something extra special, and the answer comes with some combination of coffee supplies, flavored creamers or syrups, an assortment of coffee samples and disposable or decorative cups.

What would make great gift baskets for a cook or budding chef? There are so many delightful possibilities here. Line or pad a pretty basket or a kitchen item like a colander or stock pot with a set of kitchen towels and potholders. Arrange themed gifts, and tuck a few dish cloths or a cookbook among them before wrapping. Speaking of wrap, an assortment of food storage solutions like aluminum foil, wax paper, clear plastic wrap, and zip-close storage and freezer bags paired with blank freezer labels and a Sharpie would be nice. If the recipient is into vegetable gardening or canning, they may enjoy a selection of jars, seals, rings, cheese cloths, sugar and Sure-Jell. A spice of life theme might include any combination of spices and seasonings, extracts, and bottled sauces like cooking wines, dried or fresh herbs and measuring spoons.

What would make a unique gift basket for someone setting up a brand new household? Tools are an overlooked theme. One fun idea for new homeowners is to pair basic lawn tools like a rake, shovel and garden hose with a trash can and supply of lawn and leaf trash bags. If Another idea is to fill a laundry basket with surprise staples like a 10-to-16-ounce hammer, screwdriver, picture hanging kit, light bulbs, sewing repair kit, scissors, etc. They may or may not be the most glamorous gifts we give depending on how they are presented, but your gift basket will be remembered forever as the one that saved the day.

What are some upscale gift baskets I can order online? Wine-country themes paired with crystal stemware and a posh corkscrew or assorted meats and cheese are classic chic you can order direct from many vineyards. Omaha Steaks and Dean and DeLuca have exquisite gourmet gift baskets with dozens of diverse themes. For every person and occasion on your list from clients to family.

Ordering gift baskets

Where can gift baskets be purchased? Many major retailers such as AA Gifts and Baskets offer comprehensive gifting solutions. We offer gift baskets with specific themes built around an event or a product line.

What do I need to consider when ordering a gift basket? Main considerations when ordering a gift basket are where and how it will be delivered, the temperature zones through which it will pass en route, how perishable its contents are, any restrictions on what the recipient can receive at the end point, and any allergies or diet restrictions the recipient or their family may have. Gift baskets sent to military service members, to certain types of workplaces or to a prison will have unique restrictions, for example. International destinations may also have additional costs or customs restrictions.