Artwork Information

Artwork Requirements

  1. When supplied artwork does not meet factory's requirements for black and white camera ready art, an art charge will apply ($25.00 minimum).
  2. Shadowing, screens, halftones, and very fine or intricate detail cannot be used for foil-stamping or firebranding. To avoid delays and extra charges, please read and follow the following instructions carefully. The cost to clean up artwork, change or eliminate halftones or shadowing (when possible) is $90.00 per hour, 1/2 hour minimum.
  3. Size of Artwork: Indicate if supplied artwork is "to size". If not to size, indicate at what percentage it should be shot or what the finished size should be (i.e. make 4" wide). Factory will enlarge or reduce artwork (50% to 200%) at no charge. When maximum imprint area is requested, or when percentage is not specified, factory will use its best judgement to achieve an attractive imprint.
  4. Camera Ready Artwork: High contrast black and white line art is required for best reproduction. [EMPHType characters or line that are within 1/16" on finished art will fill in. The smallest type that can be clearly reproduced is 8 pt. Sans serif, or 12 pt. Serif.
  5. Art Charges: An art charge of $25.00 applies for paste-up of straight-line copy to a logo or stock designs pasted up with copy or logo. Revisions to art will be billed at cost.
  6. Straight Line Copy: No charge for up to 4 lines, 38 characters per line including spaces.
  7. Repeat (foil-stamped ribbon only): Imprint repeats approximately every 3 - 5 inches.
Digital Artwork Specifications
  1. Electronic artwork cannot be accepted unless it is accompanied by a laser or fax copy of artwork.
  2. Artwork: Must be black and white with no halftones, screens, or shading.
  3. Preferred Programs: Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator® (convert text to paths, curves or outlines).
  4. Acceptable Programs: Corel Draw 8.0.
  5. Information: Convert text to paths, curves, or outlines (vector art - text that becomes an object and can no longer be edited as text.) If this is not possible, send in PC compatible screen and printer fonts used only for the job submitted.
  6. Type, Rules, and Outlines: Sans-serif fonts are recommended for type smaller that 12 point. No type should be smaller than 8 point. Avoid outline, bold and shadow-effect fonts. All rules and outlines should be 1 point or greater.
  7. Additional Information: Disks will not be returned.
The cost to clean up artwork or change or eliminate halftones or shadowing (when possible) is $90.00 per hour, 1/2 hour minimum. To avoid extra charges and time delays, please follow these instructions carefully.

Imprinting Information
  1. Layout: If layout is not supplied, factory will use its best judgement.
  2. Location of Imprint: Unless otherwise specified, and acknowledged by factory, imprint will be in standard location.
  3. Special Location Imprint (Firebranding only): $100.00 set-up charge. Layout showing position of imprint must accompany order.
  4. Personalization: Not available.
  5. Pre-Production Proofs: Billed at end column price and shipped within 7 working days. Order can ship within 5 days of proof approval.
  6. Oversized Imprints: Most wooden boxes will accommodate an imprint larger than the standard imprint area. A $100.00 charge applies. Oversized imprint (Item #OI) must be requested on purchase order and a layout showing exact size of requested imprint must accompany order.
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