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10 Funny Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

Published October 26, 2015        by Matt

Halloween Party Excuses

1) Odd Costumes, Loud Music, Crazy People - No Thanks?

10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

It's not unusual to not want to go to that Halloween bash (again) this year. Sure, last year you managed to drag yourself to the party but this year you're just not feeling it. It happens, more often than you'd think. Really.

So what should you tell the host (and the guests) when they ask you why you won't be attending? Here are a few ideas that you can use this year. Next year though, you're on your own.

Image courtesy of merfam on Flickr


2) You have to babysit.

All night.

This excuse works if they're asking you weeks ahead of time, why you won't be attending. This excuse is especially believable if you have younger brothers and sisters, or nieces and nephews.

If you use this one, you're sure to win a few sympathy points. Plus, it's completely admirable that your caring and compassionate self would selflessly take on such a daunting task that night.

Caution: It might not be a bad idea to actually hang out with the little rugrats this night, just in case. But that's going to be your call.


3) You're scared of Halloween.

10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

Deathly afraid, actually.

It's okay to have your phobias, everyone does. So who is to say that you aren't scared of Halloween? It seems perfectly reasonable to have a fear of a night where goblins, ghosts, and skeletons come to life and waltz the streets nearby.

Your fear is completely rational and if you're lucky, they'll stop inviting you next year too.  Image by Capture Queen on Flickr

Dear Steve,

I know it sounds goofy but I'll come out and say it. Remember how I used to be afraid of the vacuum in college? It's a lot like that. I'm afraid of Halloween and I want to stop hiding it from you. I'm sorry if this ruins your party.

Hope it's fun,


10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

4) Your mom told you that you can't go.

Mom says no.

This one worked in middle school and it certainly never loses it's touch. Since your mother ultimately rules your life from now and forevermore, of course you're going to obey her when she tells you that you can't go out on Halloween night - even if you are 27 years old.

Caution: Just make sure that they don't actually know your mother.

Image by Editor B on Flickr


5) You're allergic to costumes.


Have you seen the costumes out there nowdays? Who knows what those things are made of, I mean there is some weird stuff they use now. All those man-made materials are sure to trigger an allergic reaction to those, er, allergies that you have.

10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

And if you come near anyone even wearing anything of the sort, well, you don't even want to think about what would happen. Photo courtesy of merfam on Flickr

Dear Jennifer,

I just got back from the doctor today. Remember last week when we went into the costume shop and I got all red and poofy? Well maybe you didn't notice it, but I definitely did. Well it turns out that I'm allergic to Halloween costumes! I guess I won't be going to anymore Halloween parties. Sorry.

6) You're not feeling well.

Too much candy.

This excuse is best used on the night of the party. It's the old, "I don't feel good" excuse that you used for school back in the day. Who are they to object, they don't know how you're feeling. For all they know, you probably ate too many Halloween treats and now you're paying for it.

Note: This excuse works for almost anything. Just make sure you practice your 'sick voice' beforehand. Bonus points for texting.


7) You didn't get the invite.

Too bad, really.

So they call you up and ask why they haven't heard from you - didn't you get the Halloween party invite? Well, no actually you didn't. You did think it was a little odd that they didn't invite you this year though. Seeing as you brought all the good Halloween cookies last year and all...

If the party is still coming up, well then you already made other plans since you didn't hear from them. If the party has passed, then you're really sorry that it didn't work out and that you aren't that mad anymore about it.


10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

8) It's your cousin's birthday.

Weird, right?

Man, wasn't it so unfortunate that cousin Ricky was born on Halloween? That was so nice of him to let you out of his birthday party early last year (and missed opening birthday gifts!) so that you could attend your friend's Halloween party instead.  Image courtesy of CarbonNYC

Well, this year you weren't as lucky. In fact, you felt bad that you'd be skipping it two years in a row so you wanted to make sure you made it to his birthday this year - seeing as he is family and all.

9) You only celebrate Halloween every other year.

10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

You have your reasons.

It's a rule that you made up long ago that you would only celebrate Halloween every other year, and since you went last year then this is your year that you stay home. Your reasoning behind the rule is personal, however, so you'd rather not share. That should keep them from asking you why for a while, and maybe even scare them off a little bit. Photo courtesy of omaniblog on Creative Commons

Caution: That gives you an excuse for this year, but next year, just so you know - you're stuck going.

Dear Tim,

I got your Halloween invitation. Sorry I can't make it this year - because I celebrated Halloween last year.

Hope it's fun anyway,


10) Your horoscope said you shouldn't.

10 Excuses to Stay Home From Halloween Parties

Wouldn't want to be cursed.

You know that fortune teller that you may or may not have mentioned a while ago? Well she told you that you should listen to your horoscope when it strongly suggests things. And your horoscope says for Halloween night that you should stay home. You'd feel really uncomfortable if you brought bad luck to the party and even worse if something bad happened to you there. Image by milestoned on Flickr

You wouldn't want everyone to witness it and everything, you know? Plus, you can still always send Halloween treats over.


Home for Halloween

There is a website dedicated to those who enjoy staying home on Halloween. See it at!


The truth: You don't feel like going out.

Honesty is the best policy

These excuses are pretty lame - and that's the best that you've got to work with! So when they call up or when you talk to them, just tell them that you think you'll just stay home and relax this year. Not that the party wasn't fun last year, because it definitely was (cough, cough), but you're getting old and all - so maybe you'll just take it easy and pass out candy.

Then next year, maybe you'll have it at your house. Hey, you never know.

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