10 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Women

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If you want to give the lady in your life a special gift, consider the unexpected. Everyone has received a ho-hum kind of gift that they can’t remember from year to year. If you want to get a fabulous gift for her, consider these ten fabulous gift ideas for her.

1. A Personalized Romance Novel: A site called Bookbyyou.com allows you to actually create your own Harlequin-type romance novel. Include yourself and your beloved as the main characters. It’s a hoot for those who love the Romance genre.
2. Make your own Monopoly game: How about customizing the game of Monopoly with 24 of your own photos? You can make a game for any occasion through Amazon.com.

The following gifts can all be found online as well. You can find them at various sources if you search for the product name and or specific description.

3. Vintage Looking Cameras:  Many a photographer has budded after getting the gift of a modern day camera that looks vintage. Only the housing is vintage looking. The inner workings are purely digital.
4. Photo Skins for Cell Phones: Have your own favorite photos put on a skin that sticks onto a cell phone. Order by phone model so you’ll be sure it fits the exact phone you’re buying for.
5. Cashmere: Anything in cashmere is going to be a hit. There’s no way that you can go wrong unless you buy the wrong size. In the event that you’re not sure of a size, go with a wrap or shawl that comes in only one size.
6. Digital Readers: By now you’ve caught on that digital books are the wave of the future. Introduce a book lover to the newest way to read with a digital e-reader. They come in many different forms such as the Kindle, but basically, they all do the same thing. They deliver the full book text in an electronic way. You can gift the recipient with a year’s worth of ebooks, too.
7. Eco Clothing: Anything made from bamboo fibers will be smooth, soft and cuddly. Treat your favorite lady to yoga gear or a shirt or pants made of bamboo fibers. They wick away moisture and do not promote the growth of fungus or bacteria. They’re ecologically friendly and also lovely. It’s a real winner.
8. Encouraging Jewelry: Any jewelry is a lovely gift idea. But when the jewelry bears a sentiment, it’s that much more wonderful. You can find sterling silver jewelry with sentiments stamped or engraved into it. Choose from bible verses and more.
9. Stationery and Pens: This may seem like an old idea, but take a look at today’s beautiful stationery options. You may want to revive the art of letter writing by giving a friend or a spouse a brand new set of luxury stationery and a fine writing pen. These are great items to throw in a gift basket for her as well.
10. Create your own Sneakers: Many companies, like Converse and Keds, now allow you to design your own sneakers. You still get the brand name and the structure of the real thing, but they arrive with your color choice, photos, or in some cases even words and logos on them. It’s a very special gift that she won’t already have. Just be sure to order the right size as they’re not returnable in most cases.

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