10 Fun Gift Ideas For The Ice Fishing Enthusiast

10 Fun Gift Ideas For The Ice Fishing Enthusiast

10 Fun Gift Ideas For The Ice Fishing Enthusiast

Geared Up For The Great Outdoors

So, you've got an ice fisherman on your list? If you're the type who would rather stay inside the cabin drinking cocoa, you may have no idea what to get him or her. Never fear. Ice fishermen love their gadgets and when you're out there in the cold in the middle of a frozen pond, the last thing you want is to be missing the one thing you need.

Here are some tips for 10 great gifts your ice fisher will use and really appreciate. Put them together to make a men gift basket, or just give them separately as they are. No matter how you choose to package them, they're sure to go over well!

1. The Ice Auger

An auger cuts a hole through the ice. If the ice is thick enough to stand on, you better believe he's going to need a tool for cutting it. He can do it by hand with a hand auger, but there are also more elaborate augers out there. Best to ask someone in the know before dropping a few hundred dollars on a tool you're not sure about. Check online for best models of augers before you buy.

2. Shelter on the Go

It gets cold out there on the open ice, so get the best shelter you can for your ice fisherman. You can go for a small pop up tent that easily packs into the car. Or you can go for a bigger one if he's going out with his buddies.

There are tons of options out there for ice houses, ranging from affordable to very expensive, so prepare yourself with a budget!

Ice Fishing Houses
Image by tomswift on Flickr

3. Tilts or Tip Ups

These little guys are used to alert a fisherman that he has caught something, without having to sit there holding his line in the hole for hours. They really come in handy! If he's waiting in the aforementioned tent, he'll know with a glance when the flag bobs that something's on the line. They're not expensive but he will need a few.

4. Long Johns

Warmth is always a must out there in below zero weather, for anyone, not just fisherman. Long Johns can be great gifts for hunters and other outdoors-men as well! Man or woman, these are something that will always come in handy!

Long johns, mittens, hats, scarves, boots, and any other waterproof and weatherproof clothing are a great addition to a fisherman gift basket. They will use it all for years to come!

5. Ice Skimmers

When you drill your hole in the ice, and every so often after that, chunks of ice may float into the hole obscuring the view of all the fish you're going to catch. No one wants that!

The solution? The ice skimmer. These are much like the kind you might use in the kitchen to skim the fat off soup. They are a necessity out on the ice.

Special Gifts for that 'Fishing Someone'

6. Digital Camera

It goes without saying that when he hauls in the big one, he'll want to capture it on film. Especially if he is a big believer in catching and releasing!

Go online and do your research on what is popular for outdoorsmen and search for coupons to get a great deal. Get a good waterproof sporting version that he doesn't have to baby and it will last.

7. Lures

Why not give him a nice little gift that's also a necessity? How could you go fishing without all the right tools?

He's got to get the fish's attention before he can reel him in, right? Purchase a few different kinds, shapes and colors to give a nice selection for his fishing adventures.

8. Fish Scale

The best sporting goods stores will carry digital versions of these. It's important that the ice fisherman know how big his catch is not only for bragging rights, but also so he can throw back any that are too small.

The fish scale is something any fisherman should have, and they're relatively affordable.

Gifts for an ice fisherman
Image by rhosoi on Flickr

9. Ice Picks

In the unlikely event that someone falls through the hole in the ice, a pair of these can save his or her life. They've got safety caps on them for wearing on the person's coat or around their neck. If the unthinkable happens, they'll have a way to pull themselves back to the surface.

10. A Flask

You've got to keep from getting parched while you're miles from home. So why not gift your avid ice fisher with a engraved flask personalized with his initials? He can use it fishing, hunting, hiking, etc.!

Whether it's rum or orange juice, what he chooses to fill it with is up to him!

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