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10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes for Boys

Published October 08, 2010        by Rae Ann

Halloween is coming!  Depending on the age of your son, he may want to dress up as something cute or scary this Halloween. Here are some of the most popular Halloween costumes for boys this year.

  1. Flickr Photo Credit: TimWilsonThe Puppy Dog. This classic costume never goes out of style. Whether he’s dressing as Clifford the Big Red Dog or just as a mutt, this is a fun costume. You can either buy some fabulous one-piece dog suits or make your own. Think floppy ears and spots made with felt. A collar made out of reflective material will not only look great, but will help him be seen by cars.
  2. The Pirate. The action-adventurer will want to go as his favorite swashbuckler this year. Pull out an old bandanna, make an eye patch and tear up some jeans. An old vest completes the look. A stuffed parrot on the shoulder is a nice touch.
  3. Superman. Your little guy can emulate the Man of Steel very easily. Make him a cape out of a pillowcase. Have him dress in all one color. You can find leggings appropriate for boys and add a big "S" on his chest and you’re up, up and away!
  4. Star Wars Figures. The Star Wars movies are as popular now as they ever were. You may have to purchase a mask for this costume, but you can dress a Darth Vader all in black or a Luke Skywalker in all brown. Get creative. Add a light stick from the dollar store for a Light Saber.
  5. The Cowboy. The movie Toy Story 3 has caused a resurgence in the love of the cowboy. Dress your little Woody in a cowboy hat, bandanna, funky vest and cowboy boots.
  6. Super Mario. The Super Mario Brothers games for Wii and Nintendo have sparked a love of dressing as the Mario character. You may have to purchase this one. Or get a red hat, red shirt, blue overalls with oversize buttons and a big black oversize mustache and do it yourself.
  7. Crayola Crayon. Every year you find at least one adorable child dressed as a crayon. What fun this is! And if you have siblings, why not dress them as several colors from the box? You can do it yourself with felt. Make sure you include the Crayola stripe and the color name (remember burnt sienna?).
  8. Clown. If you’ve got a real kidder in your family, turn him into a clown for the night. This one’s fun to do on your own or you can go ready-made. The key is a wacky wig and a big red nose. An oversize tie and shoes work well too.
  9. Penguin. Break out the black and white felt for an easy penguin getup. Make flippers out of long pieces of the black with a white circle for the tummy. A black hood with a beak becomes the penguin head. Cover shoes with orange felt cut to look like webbed feet.
  10. The Ghost. There is no Halloween costume more basic or more fun than the ghost. If your son likes to scare people, he’ll love this time-honored sheet with holes. He’ll love the fact that no one recognizes him. And you get off easy on the sewing skills.

No matter what he dresses up as, he's sure to bring in a bounty of Halloween Treats!  And if you have a daughter, be sure to check out the Top 10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Girls.

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