10 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

chocolate logo bar 10 Unique Corporate Gift IdeasThis year send out gifts to your colleagues and business associates that are fun, interesting and different. Have your logo embossed or engraved on an upscale product that your business associates will use and want to display. Any reputable company you order from will be glad to send you samples of the products before you order. Always check on the quality of the item before sending it ordering and especially before sending out. Order online from promotional gift companies who specialize in placing logos on products for the best deals.

Here are ten ideas to get you started.

  1. Luxury Wine Accessories: You can have your logo engraved on a handsome box that contains a rabbit-type bottle opener, wine bottle stopper and foil opener. The presentation case is wooden and it looks much more expensive than it really was.
  2. Spa Sets: You can get a high end cotton robe and slippers personalized with your logo. If you’re in the hospitality industry these are an especially good choice. But even if you’re in an unrelated industry, your recipients who travel on business will love having these.
  3. Auto Safety Gift Set: Your recipients will keep this gift in their glove compartment and your logo will be top of mind. Purchase kits that include tire gauges, flashlights and other essentials for on the go travelers.
  4. Chocolate Gift Basket: There are few people who don’t love the excitement of opening a basket full of chocolate goodies. Send a huge basket over when you want to thank a whole office or several people. They can open it right away and share it. Be sure your basket includes high end chocolate and not discount brands. Go with Ghirardelli or Godiva for the most impact.
  5. Grill Master Set: Order a set of tongs, forks and carving knives in a sturdy presentation case. Every time your recipients take it out to barbecue with friends, your logo will be right there in front of them.
  6. Chocolate Logo Bar: Have your company’s logo molded into a real chocolate bar. Not only will this be surprising, but delicious too. When your recipient opens the wrapper, they’ll find a real full size bar of delicious chocolate with your name on it. They’ll be sure to show it around the office.
  7. iPod Dock: Every hip executive these days has their iPod at the ready. Why not have your logo put on an iPod Dock that also has speakers and a radio. It will end up on the desks of many of your recipients for top of mind recognition.
  8. Wine Bottle Thermometer: If you have wine enthusiasts on your list, this handy stainless steel thermometer will be just the thing they need. Add your logo to it and you’ll be remembered every time they grab a bottle of wine out of their cellar or refrigerator.
  9. Optical Mouse: Have your logo set on a mouse so you’ll be seen every day. You can go cordless or corded, but make sure you choose a high end product so it does its job.
  10. Personalized USB Flash Drive: Everyone transfers documents from home to work and from computer to computer these days. So why not proclaim your company’s name on a USB stick? They’ll think of you every time they transfer files.
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  1. Great tips. These unique corporate gift ideas will come in handy this holiday season. I really like the idea of personalized USB Flash drive. Thanks. Bookmarked for future reference.

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