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10 Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards

Published October 21, 2010        by Rae Ann

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What do you do with the mountain of Christmas cards you receive every year? They’re too lovely to throw out, and it just seems so wasteful not to reuse them somehow. Before you toss them in the trash, take a look at these ideas for reusing your cards.

  1. Make Gift Tags: Because Christmas cards are usually printed on lovely card stock with pretty designs, they make ideal gift tags. You can cut out a portion and use it as a gift tag on a holiday present you are giving. Make a whole pile of gift tags at once by cutting just the best parts of images on each card you have. Then, when you need a tag, just pull one out and write the recipient’s name on it.
  2. Make Christmas Ornaments: Use the images from your favorite cards to make festive ornaments. Cut out the images you like and glue them onto felt or card stock and hang from the tree. Try various backings from cork to wood. If you like the Holiday Card Star pictured here, you can make one of your own!  Instructions can be found at
  3. Use them in Crafting or Altered Art: One hot trend in crafting these days is altered art. This is simply decorating a page in a journal or an object with different images that you’ve cut out from various sources. Add Christmas card images to your collages.
  4. Make Magnets: Cut out images and glue magnets to the back. Hang on the fridge. You can find craft magnets at the crafting store.
  5. Make a Decorative Plate: Using any clear glass plate and some images from cards you can make a charming display item. Simply glue images to the back of the plate with the design facing out. Use mod podge or other medium that will dry clear. These plates are perfect for hanging as decorations, but should not be used for food. They are not washable once you’ve glued the backs with images.
  6. Make another card: Who says you can’t reuse the whole front of a card? Just cut off the portion that has writing on it and glue it to another piece of pretty paper. Add ribbon and other embellishments so your card looks finished and well thought out.
  7. Let the kids rip them: What fun it is for kids if you tell them it’s ok to rip up certain cards! Let them reuse the pieces to make puzzles or to decorate a paper wreath. There are hundreds of uses for little paper scraps. Let a child’s imagination run wild and you will be surprised at just how creative they can be. Provide other supplies like glue sticks and construction paper, glitter, sequins and paint so they can really show off.
  8. Make bookmarks: Take favorite images and glue them to heavy card stock. Punch a hole and then add a tassel or ribbon to the top and place in your favorite book. These make great extras to tuck into gifts or cards.
  9. Recipe Cards: If you want to share your favorite Christmas recipes with family and friends, write your recipe on the back of a recycled Christmas card image.
  10. Placemats: Cut out images and lay them down on clear contact paper. Or glue images down on paper and laminate the whole sheet. Office supply stores will do laminating for you by the piece.

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