100 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

100 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

100 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Hip Hip Hooray! Easter is on its way! And us moms know what that means, it is time to start thinking about the year's Easter baskets. For my own children, I tend to go about 50/50 on the baskets with an even breakdown of candy and non-candy items. But for my nieces and nephews that live out of state, I usually go with about 90% non-candy items because I know that their Easter bunny delivers them mostly sweet treats that last for weeks. I love to come up with clever themes for my Easter baskets so let me share just a couple things I've done in the past.

A Little Princess Gift Basket

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I try to figure out what my nieces and nephews are into for any given year. I don't see them much and Easter is one of my favorite holidays so yes, I sometimes go a bit overboard, but I figure why not spoil them a bit 🙂 That said, I've found some great items in the past at my local Dollar Store so making your own non-candy baskets doesn't have to break the bank either!

For example, a few years ago my niece was REALLY into princess mode so I made her a girly-girl basket filled with all kinds of glamour girl items like mini nail polishes, mini lip glosses, a couple pairs of really fun socks with flowery patterns and embroidery, silly bandz, a pink feather boa, a tiara, a princess coloring book and some crayons. I also added a ring pop and a candy necklace. She was SO excited when she opened it!

This year, she is a bit older, and has different interests so I'm going to do more of a gardening type gift because she has turned into quite the enthusiast. I got her a pair of green "garden" crocs, some flower seeds, re-usable plant markers, mini garden tools, and kid size garden gloves that I'm going to put in a rectangular plastic flower pot. I'll add some flower-shaped cookies and maybe a little pinwheel that will spin in the wind.

My nephew on the other hand LOVES the beach so I'm making him a beach-themed Easter basket. I found a really cool pail that is molded on the inside so when the sand is dumped it looks like a real sand castle. Of course, I'll include a shovel, along with a beach paddle game, a new pair of swim trunks, swim goggles, sunscreen, a fun hat, a pool float or beach ball and a weighted set of rings so he and his sister can dive down to get them in the pool. SO much fun in one little package. I can't wait for him to open it.

Boredom Buster Book Gift Basket

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Here is a list of 100 items that I've used in the past and a bunch of ideas that I'll use in the future to create some non-candy Easter baskets.....

  1. plush bunny or other animal
  2. sidewalk chalk
  3. silly putty
  4. play-doh
  5. mini nail polish
  6. mini lip gloss
  7. coloring book
  8. crayons
  9. puzzle
  10. bubbles
  11. jump rope
  12. water gun
  13. Hot Wheels car
  14. glow stick
  15. bracelet
  16. temporary tattoos
  17. silly string
  18. ball shooter
  19. Pez dispenser
  20. silly bandz
  21. plastic Easter themed straws
  22. notebook/journal/diary
  23. fun pens
  24. picture frame
  25. foam craft kit
  26. book (e.g. board books for toddlers)
  27. Frisbee
  28. word search puzzle book
  29. beach ball
  30. sand pail (great container too)
  31. kaleidoscope
  32. punch ball
  33. watercolor paint by numbers book/kit
  34. stickers
  35. re-usable water bottle
  36. movie DVD
  37. music CD
  38. card game (e.g UNO or go fish)
  39. bouncy rubber ball
  40. paint set
  41. slinky
  42. mini kite
  43. paddle ball
  44. ring toss game
  45. mini travel game (e.g. checkers)
  46. ball and jacks
  47. slippers
  48. socks
  49. glider airplane
  50. markers
  51. Easter stamp/pad
  52. ring/jewelry
  53. plastic eggs filled with mini toys
  54. small set of Legos
  55. flash light
  56. swim goggles
  57. swim suit/trunks
  58. hair bands/barettes
  59. bath toys
  60. personalized apron
  61. action figure
  62. baseball cards
  63. flip flops
  64. mini garden tool set
  65. rubik's cube
  66. chain link puzzles
  67. locker magnets
  68. video games
  69. kids watch
  70. fun themed toothbrush
  71. hat/visor
  72. wind-up toy
  73. puppet
  74. mini piggy bank
  75. disposable camera
  76. story of Easter book/kids bible
  77. sunglasses
  78. butterfly net
  79. bug jars
  80. magnifying glass
  81. underwater pool game
  82. how does your garden grow book
  83. garden seeds
  84. flower pot (makes a great container)
  85. re-usable plant markers
  86. cross necklace bead kit
  87. backpack zipper pulls (e.g. little lights)
  88. yo-yo
  89. inflatable games (e.g. ring toss)
  90. whistle
  91. rubber ducky
  92. feather boa
  93. tiara
  94. baseball
  95. puppet
  96. kazoo or mini flute (and get yourself some earplugs 😉
  97. pom-poms
  98. spinning top
  99. streamers for bike handles
  100. craft kit (glitter, glue, paper, etc)
What am I missing? And what do you or have you used in your baskets that isn't on the list?

photo credit:  Easter Kids Fun Basket from /holidays/easter/ where you can find all kinds of candy and non-candy Easter baskets for both the kids and adults in your life!

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  1. I just love all the creative ideas you have for candieless easter baskets. I've always enjoyed filling my daughters baskets with sweet little goodie for girls.

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