12 Charts for Every New Baby

We scoured major medical websites for the best and most helpful new baby charts.  If you're not a new mom, pass this on to someone that is! We have a few gift ideas for new babies as well!

As a new mom, you might be wondering if your baby is getting enough sleep. This chart will give you a general idea of how much sleep your baby should get and how long each sleep session should last. You will probably want to get your own rest during your baby's snooze sessions. (Make sure they sleep with some cute personalized blankies!)

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Here is an interesting infographic to help you interpret the amount of milk your baby should receive each day during the first year. Milk provides important nutrition for your growing baby and should be a consistent part of his/her diet.

 12 Charts for Every New Baby

Colic, or inconsolable crying, can be an extreme challenge for anew mom, but the good news is that it does not last forever. This graph shows daily crying at different ages, so you can determine whether your baby is colicky, average, or a quiet baby.

450px Infant crying curves 12 Charts for Every New Baby

Preterm babies are at a higher risk for complications. This chart will show the number of preterm births among infants born. It also shares the percent of infants by completed weeks of gestation.

infant preterm by gestation weeks graph
Interestingly, breastfed babies tend to lose weight shortly after birth. It is not uncommon for a new baby to lose 10 percent or more of their birthweight within just a few days of delivery. These charts show the percentage of weight loss shortly after birth.

Choosing your baby's name usually takes quite a bit of time and thought, because more often than not they will have this name for life. This graph from the Social Security Administration shows historical trends in popular baby names for boys and girls.


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Babies need sleep so they can grow and develop. Here is a guide all about sleep for your new baby. It will answer any concerns you might have, like how much sleep should your baby be getting or what temperature will your baby sleep best in? (PS Here are some cute personalized blankies!)baby sleep
http://www.babycaremag.com/health-and-nutrition/babys-sleep-cheat-sheet/Who knew poo could be so many unusual colors? The colors range from black to yellow! Here is a chart to help you decipher the doo you will find in your baby's diaper. 12 Charts for Every New Baby
Source: Cleveland Clinic

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