Baby’s First Birthday Gift Ideas

Attending a first birthday party is one of the greatest joys in life. As baby marvels at (and puts her fist into) the cake, swats at the balloons, and tries to bite the paper on the presents, everyone gets to experience the wonder and imagination of the first year. Babies turning one are just learning to walk and are just finding their own way around. If you’d like to give a first birthday gift, here are some ideas that are developmentally appropriate and fun.


    • A ride-on toy: Any toy that is designed for little ones to ride on will be a treat. Small cars, animals, and trucks make great gifts. Choose from ones that are pull along so mom and dad can help out. Or opt for ones that include ride-on extras like bells and push buttons that will occupy baby even at a complete standstill.


  • Bath toys: One-year-olds are just starting to love their bath playtime. Any toy that is designed to be played with in the bath is a sure winner. Choose from squirt toys, toy netting to corral bath toys, bath crayons, floating animals, and more. You can also include a hoodie personalized baby bath towel for snuggly after bath time.



  • Weebles: Chunky toys are a good idea for this age group. Weebles are especially fun because they bounce back up when baby knocks them over. Small Weeble houses or buses or buildings will keep baby happily busy for hours. You can add on extra sets of Weeble people and animals so the fun never has to end. Don’t be surprised if the adults join in, too.



  • Soft Sets: Many play sets now come in soft versions for beginners. Mom’s purse, a lunch bag, doctor bag, and more are all available in chubby fabric. These sets are not only fun to look at and play with, they also help baby develop coordination and hand-eye skills.



  • Wooden Playsets: The most clever and fun wooden play sets are not on the market. You can find a birthday cake made of thick decorated wooden slices along with a safe wooden knife, a pizza kit, fruits and vegetables, and more all done in decorated wood. They look realistic and are safe and fun for baby to handle. There’s even a sushi kit made entirely of wood.



  • Big Puzzles: Big, simple puzzles that baby can play with on the floor are fun. The bigger the pieces, the better. Baby will not be able to put the puzzle together herself at first, but with repetition will come to learn opposites, shapes, colors, and animals that are features of the pieces. A great way for baby to play while learning.



  • Personalized Baby Items: Baby’s name is now a big part of her life. She’s going to want to know how to spell it now that she’s learning to say it. Wooden cut-outs of her name with colorful designs are fun as are blocks that spell out her name. Any number of shapes can be found in wall décor and floor play pieces that feature names. If you’ve got a friend with an unusual baby’s name, order a personalized item online rather than a store where stock is limited. Order early as often personalized products take a little longer to arrive.
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