How to Print Your Own Baby Shower Candy Wrappers

A cute addition to any baby shower is a personalized candy bar to remember the event. You can easily do this from your home computer. If you are crafty, you can do it without a computer! (You can use any paper you like and rubber stamp an image. Hand write your text with permanent marker.) But for now, let’s stick to the computer version.

There are companies that sell paper already decorated with a baby shower theme. You can pick from many designs for either a girl or a boy. You can find these paper forms at craft stores and hobby shops. There are also many places where you can order them online. The paper will come with a space for personalization and will be the size of a candy bar.

You can personalize candy bars that are jumbo, regular size or even miniatures. Write down your paper dimensions you chose and go out and buy candy bars that match the size. Hershey bars are a good choice as the candy is tasty and the size is standard. If you choose, you can buy the over-sized jumbo bars or the minis. Just make sure you ordered the paper size that matches. Consider also that there may be nut allergies, so stick with plain chocolate bars just to be sure.

Once you have your decorative template paper in hand, you’ll only need a few minutes to get set up to print. The instructions will come with the paper, but all you really need to do is open a document writing program on your computer such as Word. You don’t need any special skills or design templates. Follow the package instructions to align your type to the correct spot.

You choose the wording you’ll place on the candy bar. “Amanda’s Baby Shower, September 5, 2010” is fine. You may also choose to write something more personal like “Sandy and Debbie wish Baby Boy Smith a happy welcome into the world.” Whether you write a note as if it’s to the baby or to the mom to be, either is fine. You might even choose something light and comical if the mom is a good sport.

After you’ve settled on your text, align it and run a test print. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and that the type lines up with the space where it will go on the wrapper. Place a flat wrapper in the printer according to the directions and print. Once you have printed all your wrappers, you may need to cut the excess paper away. Then you will need to place them on the chocolate bars. Take the paper labels off the candy bars carefully so that you don’t rip the foil wrapping. Then, wrap the printed paper around the candy bar, folding it so it forms to the shape of the chocolate. Secure with a sticker (usually included with kit) or tape. Be careful not to break or damage the bars.

Place your finished candy bars in a basket decorated with ribbon so that guests can take them as they leave as baby shower favors. Remember not to leave them in the car out in the sun as they can melt. Very cold temperatures can crack candy bars, so try to keep them in room temperature if you can.

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