14 Great Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Grandkids
The Struggle Is Real, What to Buy Your Kindergartener for Graduation?!?
Graduating kindergarten is a huge milestone in your child’s life and is very exciting for the child as well as the parent or grandparent. It’s a time when we watch our children start to truly find their independence and start making more decisions for themselves. This is an amazing opportunity to show your children how proud you are of their accomplishment and to nurture their love of school by celebrating this accomplishment.

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas from Parents

These are the times you want to cherish because children grow up so fast. Some ideas I had for celebrating this time with your child are:
• Age and interest appropriate books
• Educational toys and or video games
• Toys that promote physical activity
• A mini vacation to a place of their choice
• A themed party for their friends
• Gift Card to their favorite store and a planned day to go spend it

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas for Son

Boy Kindergartener Gift Idea

Books are always a good gift for smaller children just learning to read. My son has the book “DinoTrux” by Chris Gall. Books like, DinoTrux, really sparked my son’s imagination, although I heard a lot of strange noises from him as he pretended to be his favorite character in the book.
My son also has an educational game called, Osmo, it works with your iPhone or iPad. My son can spend hours on the couch playing this video game and I love it because he is learning things like math and spelling.
Although there are times that I want nothing more than for my son to go outside and play and that is why he owns things like a football and golf clubs. He is being physically active and I am getting some quiet time.I know making memories and spending time with my children is my first priority, so one way we celebrate accomplishment is by letting the person choose a mini vacation/fun day destination. My son has picked some great places in the past such as a zoo that is a few hours away from us and had a dinosaur exhibit at the time we went. He has also chosen places like water/theme parks and even chose a museum once which really surprised me until I saw it had a Lego Exhibit.

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas for Daughter

Kindergarten Girls Gift Ideas

My daughter likes to read and she absolutely loves the book “The Paper Bag Princess”. This book is about the things most little girls love, a princess and a prince who are involved in an adventure. The roles in this book are reversed though and it is the Princess who has to rescue her Prince. My little girl is very independent and she loves that the princess is the hero in this book. When she is not reading then she is doodling on her Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad which has really helped her motor skills and sparks her imagination. Once it is sparked, her active imagination carries over into a lot of other things she does. She loves her Chicago Girls Rink Skates and they have helped her accomplish many things in her imaginary scenarios. Have you ever seen someone catch a horse in the wild by chasing them down on a pair of skates because I have and it was great?
When my daughter has chosen places to go, because of an accomplishment she had, she has chosen some really fun things. Once we dressed up as characters from “Alice in Wonderland”, and went out for a mini spa day. There was also a time we dressed as a queen and princess and went out for tea and cake, that was a really fun day. We have also done things like going horseback riding so she could “finally ride the horse she caught on skates”. My children definitely keep me entertained.

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas for Classmates

Kindergarten Class Gift Ideas

If you want to let your child share the celebration of their accomplishment with their classmates then you could have them make gifts for the other children such as the mason jars with homemade hot chocolate mix that my son made for his class. My daughter helped me make, and she decorated herself, different shaped cookies for her classmates. Something that would be really fun, that I want to do in the future, would be to have a themed party for my child and their classmates.
I could pick something my child really likes and center the whole day around that theme with activities that teach them more about the chosen theme, while still being fun. The children could then make something involving the chosen theme that they could take home to remember the day.

1. Character Party

Gift Ideas for Grandkids

If you or other adults in the family are already planning a party for the little graduate, having a cartoon character or a clown at the party is a great idea. There are many party services that provide characters and it would be as easy as calling them up and booking the character. Check out Rent-a-Character for ideas.

2. Wireless Tablet

Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Tablets are a great gift for a kindergarten graduate. They can be loaded with fun, educational games that can keep a child entertained for hours. Many tablets are tailored for little kids. The are usually more durable since kids can be rough on technology.

3. Legos

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

Legos have been around since 1932, but they are still one of the most popular toys on the market. They are so popular that entire movies have been made featuring Lego cartoon characters. Legos are available in many different themes, styles, and colors. Legos are a great gift because they are fun for kids and appeal to their curiosity and imagination.

4. Books

Best gift ideas for kindergarten graduation

Books are always a great gift choice. Little kids are developing their reading skills and books can also keep them from going through summer learning loss. Pop up books are a great idea and so are books about moving on to first grade such as First Grade, Here I Come! by Tony Johnston and David Walker.

5. Digital Camera

Graduation gift idea for grandparent

A kid’s digital camera would make a great graduation gift. Kid’s cameras are simple so they can begin to learn about basic photography but more durable than a regular camera in case kids get rough with it. One good choice is the VTech Kidizoom DUO Selfie Camera. It even has built in games.

6. Art Set

Kids spend a lot of time in kindergarten drawing and painting, so an art set would be a great graduation present. They are now old enough to be artistic on their own and an art set can encourage their creativity. You may want to consider art sets that have washable mediums so it will be easier to clean up messes.

Crayola Kids Fun Gift Box

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7. Art Easel

Gifts for Kindergarten Graduation

A great compliment to the art set is the art easel. It's big, fun, and a good way to distract kids from painting on the walls. A lot of easels also come with a storage compartment so kids can store their art supplies there. Melissa & Doug makes a really good, sturdy easel for kids.

8. Ice Cream Bowl

Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

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9. Blankie Tails

Gift ideas for finishing kindergarten

These adorable blankets make a great gift because they are colorful, fun, and warm. They come in a variety of styles like Mermaid tails, Shark tails, and Rocket tails. You can also order matching mini versions of the blankets for your grandchild's favorite doll. Blankie Tails also come in adult sizes also.

10. Beach Toys

Great kindergarten graduation gift ideas

Its time for summer fun when kids are getting out of school, so beach toys would be a great gift for kindergarten graduates. There are a lot of choices when it comes to beach toys--things to make sand castles, things that float, things that kids can float on, etc. Many toy manufacturers sell beach toys in a set, so you don't have to try to pick out individual toys. Here is a really good 23 pc. Beach Toy set by Kangaroo.

Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas from Grandparents

So you're excited because your first grandchild just graduated from kindergarten. Congratulations! This is an occasion for a special gift and here is a list of items that make great graduation gifts for little kids, and are also easy to ship if they don't live near you.
Here are a couple of our favorite Kindergarten graduation gift ideas from grandparents that your grandkids are sure to love!

11. Licensed Character Clothing

Kindergarten present ideas for grandparents

As kids get older, they start becoming a little more conscious of their clothing choices, even at the first grade level. A great gift for kids is buying them clothing that features their favorite characters. Most major retailers carry licensed character clothing.

12. Giant Fortune Cookie

What child doesn't have a sweet tooth? Giant fortune cookies are a fun treat for kids of any age. The Congrats! Giant Fortune Cookie is the perfect way to celebrate a special achievement like graduating kindergarten. You can even add a custom "fortune" or message inside the cookie.

Congrats! Giant Fortune Cookie

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13. Dolls or Action Figures

Graduation gift for kindergartener from grandparent

After graduating from kindergarten, kids are at an age where they like dolls and action figures. There are a plethora of dolls and action figures to choose from. In general, kids tend to like things that talk, make noise, or does some type of action. Take a look at these Disney action figures.

14. Personalized Items  

One good way to commemorate a graduation is with personalized items. Kids will get a kick out of seeing their photo or name on things like shirts, blankets, pillows, or bags. Any of these items would be a great gift. Here are some examples of personalized items:

Personalized Pocket Book Rack

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