14 Heartwarming and Memorable Pre-K Graduation Gift Ideas

Pre K Graduation Idea
It can be hard to settle on the right pre-kindergarten graduation gift idea, but we’re here to help! To start, a few great ideas may revolve around:

The Value of Pre K Graduation Gift Ideas

Pre K Graduation Idea

Kids are always excited about any sweets, especially when it’s something they don’t often have the chance to enjoy. Sharing with your grandchild a special treat is certainly bound to stick out in their mind. Though you aren’t there to celebrate this precious moment with them, they will feel your love and thoughtfulness!

Beyond just delicious treats, though, opportunities to enjoy fun activities will be exciting for them. Say, for instance, their parents can’t afford to take them to the movies very often, but you send a gift certificate to see a certain adorable animated film currently in theaters. You may not be there with them, but it will hold a special place in their heart!

Further, gift cards may be one of the most exciting gifts you could give your grandchild. It’s not often that a youngster feels like they are purchasing something with their own money. Giving a gift card to your sweet grandchild will give him or her a sense of ownership, as well as help them feel grown up. As a side note, try to send a gift card for a store within their area so they can use it without waiting for a road trip.

Candy & Sweets

Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

Preschool Gift Idea

What could be more fun as a kid than having your very own ice cream bowl? Not only would your grandchild feel pride in having a bowl that is theirs alone, but to top it off, it has their name on it! We love the idea of giving kids a fun bowl for their own personal use, clearly stating to whom it belongs.

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Cookie Gifts

Preschool Graduation Gift Idea

The gift of Oreos seems like a safe bet for your grandchild, but we want to help make it a little more special than a package from the store. Choose any number or style of chocolate-dipped Oreos to light up your grandchild’s day!

Treats & Games Gift Set

Pre K Graduation Gift Idea

If you’re having trouble narrowing down what to purchase for your sweet grandchild, perhaps consider a gift set! This gift is simply brimming with games, snacks, candy, and even coloring books, play-doh, and glow sticks! The fun won’t be over for a long time with this gift.

Ice Cream Delivery

Best Gift for Pre K Graduation

This website could honestly be a dream come true for nearly everyone--old and young alike! With just a few clicks, you can send delectable, frozen ice cream right to your grandchild’s door! Who wouldn’t be amazed at a surprise ice cream delivery?

Bash Cake

Amazing Preschool Graduation Present Ideas

It can be hard to help little ones with a regular pinata, which is why this small, tabletop option is such a great idea! This pinata is shaped like a cupcake and filled with chocolate-covered mini pretzels! Give your grandchild the chance to use their energy in smashing this pinata and enjoying the sweets within!

Jumbo Fortune Cookies

Children Graduation Gift Ideas

We adore the idea of gifting a huge fortune cookie! We all know that fortune cookies are always a source of joy, especially to read the note tucked within. Give your grandchild a little something extra special with a large, personalized note in a jumbo, delicious fortune cookie.

Cookie Bouquets

Cute Preschool Graduation Present Ideas

What kid doesn’t love cookies, right? How about showing your grandchild how much you want to spoil them by sending along a cookie bouquet?! These gift baskets come in a bundle of gourmet cookies and would definitely put a smile on your grandchild’s face.

Candy Bouquets

Gift Ideas for Pre K Graduates

On the topic of bouquets, let’s talk candy. This would especially be a great present if your grandchild is typically allowed limited amounts of sugar. Though their parents might send an eye roll your way, you know it will light up your grandchild’s heart and help the gift stand out as something special they would only receive from their grandparent.


Movie Tickets

Present for Kid Graduation

Have you recently noticed that a new animated movie is playing? Tickets to the movies are expensive, which can make it hard to find money for a family trip to the theater. By gifting movie tickets, you’ll be giving your grandchildren (and even their parents!) a fun trip that’s hard to come by these days.

Zoo Tickets

Creative Gifts for Pre K Graduation

Event tickets are one of our favorite Pre K graduation gift ideas. You can’t go wrong with a trip to the zoo! Nearly every child loves to see these animals in habitats much like their indigenous areas. It’s fun for children and parents to watch these creatures roam, play, and mingle and see animals you can hardly see anywhere else without extensive travel.

Aquarium Tickets

Gift Ideas for Preschool Students

Much like the zoo, it can be a blast for children to walk into a large aquarium and watch these underwater creatures float through the water around them. Aquariums are often educational as well with numerous hands-on programs and activities for young children.

Ice Rink Tickets/Gift Certificate

Good Graduation Gift Ideas

Providing tickets, a gift certificate, or even just the funds for a trip to the ice rink can be a very memorable gift. This can give your grandchild the chance to start learning or perhaps continue learning to skate. Either way, it always fun and provides an activity out of the ordinary!

Gift Card Ideas

Color Me Mine Gift Card

What better gift card for a preschool graduate than at Color-Me Mine? At this age, kids focus on being creative, and what better place to be creative than Color Me Mine? With a gift card, not only can they pick out exactly what they want, but they can feel a sense of ownership by purchasing it with their own card, just like their parents!

Ice Cream Parlor Gift Card

Elementary School Graduation Presents

It’s a simple fact that most kids will flip for ice cream. Perhaps you want them to enjoy ice cream, but you’d rather they pick out exactly what they want. Gift cards provide that excitement, especially if they get to stand before all the flavors and watch it get scooped out just for them.

Which One Suits Your Grandchild?

Preschool Graduation Gifts for Girls

There are numerous presents you could purchase for your pre-k graduate, but in the end, you know your grandchild best. Do they love sweets or toys more? Do they prefer commemorable items or fun activities? We hope all these choices have provided you with a few fresh pre k graduation gift ideas!

More than anything, you’d love to be there for your child or grandchild as he or she graduates from preschool, but sometimes distance stands in your way. Still, you can celebrate their accomplishment by sending a loving gift easily from us by ordering online.

Which of these gift ideas was your favorite? If you have any other ideas not mentioned here, please share them with us in the comments!

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