17 Ideas for a Mother's Day Gift for Mom Who Has Everything

One thing I've learned with age is that the older I get, the harder it becomes to shop for my mom on Mother's Day. Gone are the days of homemade cards and paper mache flowers, and I just bought her that new coffee maker over the holidays! If you find yourself searching the internet for mother's day gifts for mom who has everything, then this list of wonderful potential gifts is definitely for you!

1. Peanut Butter Giant Fortune Cookie:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Does your mom have a sweet tooth like my mom? This will definitely make her happy, and you can also personalize it with a note from you.

2. Book and Snack Box:

Mother's day gift idea

Growing up, I always looked forward to trips to the library with my mother. This Mother's Day you can surprise your mom with a couple of books that she will enjoy, along with her favorite snacks.

3. Snack Box:

Unique mother's day gifts

Is your mom not into books all that much? That's okay! Fill up a colorful basket with her favorite drinks, chips, snacks, and candies, and deliver it to her on Mother's Day.

4. Fruit and Nut Gift Chest:

Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Several times that I've tried to give my mom candy in a gift, she's refused to take it or has re-gifted it to my dad. That being said, in recent years I have given her beautiful baskets with fresh fruit and nuts to help promote her healthier eating habit.

5. Chocolate Gift Baskets:

Mother's Day Present Ideas

Every once in a while my mom will take a break from her healthy eating regimen and indulge. If that's happening around Mother's Day, I gladly jump for the opportunity to buy her some gourmet chocolate.

6. Coffee or Tea Basket:

Presents for moms

As I happened to mention earlier, I gifted my mom with a fantastic single serve coffee maker back in December. She uses it all the time, and loves how convenient it is. Lucky her- I can make it even more convenient in May when I show up laden with K-cups galore!

7. Sugar Free Basket:

Special gift ideas for mother's day

Some moms aren't able to enjoy sweets with sugar in them as they get older. This is usually either to dieting, or because their doctor told them so. A good gift for your mom in this scenario is a sugar free gift basket! This can include anything from candy to cookies, and will definitely put a smile on her face.

8. Dried Fruit Basket:

Perfect mother's day gift ideas

Because sometimes you want to impress your mom with your level of gift giving, and this is borderline extravagant.

9. Nut Basket:

Best gift ideas for mom

Another (somewhat) impressive idea for the mother who doesn't like sweets all too much is a nut basket. My mom already knows that I'm a little bit nutty, so she is probably expecting something like this for Mother's Day this year.

10. Spa Gift:

Cute gifts for mother's day

Want a nice and relaxing idea for a mother's day gift for the mom who has everything? Give her a basket full of loofahs, lotions, bubble bath, and more to have a fantastic spa getaway without ever leaving the comfort of home!

11. A Workout Gift Basket:

Gifts for your mother

Even health conscious mom's want a nice present! I would personally recommend a yoga mat and some information for beginners.

12. A Blanket:

Happy mother's day gift ideas

My mom loves to curl up and read, so a throw blanket in her favorite color is absolutely on my shopping list for this year.

13. Movie Tickets:

Perfect gifts for moms

If you're like me and you adore nights out on the town with your mother, a couple of tickets to the latest romantic comedy out and the promise of popcorn is a great gift.

14. Tickets to a Local Event:

Excellent gifts for Mother's Day

Of course, if movies aren't her ideal night out- try surprising both she and your dad with a date night to a local event.

15. A Card:

Good Mother's Day Gifts

If your mom isn't into all of the bells and whistles like my mom, a heartfelt card that lets her know just how much you appreciate her is a fantastic mother's day gift for the mom who has everything already!

16. Gift Card Bouquet:

Different gift ideas for Mother's Day

I know that as we all get older we lose touch with what our mom's interests are, so a great alternative to picking a gift is giving her a lot of options. Whether it's restaurants or clothes, she'll definitely appreciate that they're from you.

17. A Day Out with You!

Meaningful Mother's Day gifts

You can never go wrong with this great idea... The best gift that you can give your mom this mother's day is you! Give her a call and share how your life is going or take her out to dinner, but make sure that you let her know just how much you love her.

Planning on using one of the awesome ideas above? Let us know which one you chose!

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