2018 Baby Shower Trends

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Image by Kid's Birthday Parties on FlickrDon’t think of a baby shower as an event where you’re stuck in a stuffy church basement playing baby shower games where you try to remember what’s in the bottom of your purse. Today’s baby showers are very different. Stay on the trendy side with your next shower. Here are some tips that can help.

Gender Reveal

People love a good excuse to have a party, and a baby is a big one. Many are having a party even before the main shower called a gender reveal shower. Instead of finding out what the baby will be in the ultrasound room, the doctor writes the baby’s sex down on a sheet of paper and puts it in an envelope. The parents give the envelope to the hostess of the shower, then she builds an entire shower around the concept of what the baby will be.

Green Showers

You probably work hard to make your home and the rest of your life green, why not make your baby shower green, too? You don’t just have to choose green friendly products for your shower, either. You could have a completely recycled shower where everyone brings gently used baby stuff for the new mommy. You could also go for a handmade shower where everyone brings a handmade gift. Alternately, you could go with a green shower where you only give eco-friendly baby gifts like cloth diapers, seeds to plant with baby, or natural baby bottles.

Think Gender:

Baby showers were once an event for just Moms. Now they can be just for Mom, for Mom and Dad, or even just for Dad. Baby showers don’t just have to be for Mom. While lots of things will have to change if you’re going to do a shower just for Dad, it’s still trendy to have one

Gift Free Showers

In some cases, parents have very specific items they need for baby. They don’t simply want odd gifts they have little control over coming in. In this case, going giftless is a must. Simply showing up to celebrate the baby is enough. Some even choose to go to just gift cards or cash in lieu of gifts, and this often works well for these kinds of parents too.

Adding to the Family

There was a time when second, third, or even fourth babies didn’t get a shower. Now they get a “sprinkle.” These are much smaller versions of showers, but they’ve almost reached the height of the little black dress on the baby shower circuit. Sprinkles don’t involve expensive gifts. Sometimes they’re just a diaper-only shower or a “bring a meal” shower where everyone brings a frozen meal for the parents to stick in the freezer when baby arrives.

As you get ready to plan a baby shower for a friend or family member, don’t hesitate to go with something a bit trendier. You don’t have to stick with the seventies notion of baby showers now. Instead, you can get really creative with this kind of party.

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