27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers

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Office holiday parties are fun, but a lot of hustle and bustle goes into making them so and that includes knowing how to pick out office Christmas gifts. You don’t want to act as if you know your co-workers personally so something like a sweater or jewelry is generally frowned on. However, you also don’t want to look too “cheap” by getting something too low in quality. The main focus should be something fun and useful. Here we've gathered 27 foolproof Christmas ideas for the office.

1. Coffee or Tea Can

Personalized coffee tin gift
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Chances are, either you or at least a few of your co-workers do not go a day without caffeine. If you know your company’s or co-worker’s preferred brand, you could easily get a nice-looking can or box from a local grocery or retail store. If you’re in doubt, coffee-related gifts are definitely one of the best office Christmas gifts.

2. Mini or Medium-Sized Notebook

notebook christmas present
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If your company isn’t one to take a meeting or call notes on tablets, or if not everyone in your company uses one, a small or purse-sized notebook will probably be appreciated. Since it’s neutral, it’s one of the best Holiday gift ideas for coworkers. Brands, such as Stellar, feature great sized notebooks for gifts.

3. Personalized Candle Favors

Source: Brooklyn Candle Studio
Provided that candles are not considered to be a fire hazard at their homes, personalized ones would make safe gifts for coworkers. Yankee Candles currently has an easy make-your-own in four simple steps. Etsy has several budget-friendly options. If fire hazards are an issue, you can always opt for a battery-operated candle. They make great DIY Holiday gift ideas for coworkers. Keep in mind, however, that this is probably one of the better Christmas gift ideas for coworkers for offices with a smaller staff.

4. Drink Coasters

personalized coasters
Source: Personal Creations
Who doesn’t like the idea of not worrying about the damaging liquid rings on the desk? And not having to go through disposable napkins or paper towels to prevent them? You could even get their personalized coasters without breaking the bank. Especially if they have a name that is not currently popular, how could they not appreciate it? However, the name engraving is probably one of the better Holiday gifts for coworkers in offices with a smaller staff.

5. Bowl of Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa gift
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For those who prefer hot cocoa and if you know your co-worker’s preferred brand, you can easily get it at any grocery or retail store. There’s something very heart-warming about hot cocoa so those who prefer it will probably love you for your heartfelt thoughtfulness. This is an easy DIY too! Fill a mug or a mason jar for easy gifting.

6. Chrome Bottle Stoppers

bottle stopper christmas gift
Source: Globe Importants
These very budget-friendly steel bolts will be greatly appreciated as backups in case the wine bottle cork gets misplaced or won’t fit back in. Wine has been known to last for years but can only do so when preserved from air exposure so a bottle stopper is a great gift. Opt for a snowflake one to match the season!

7. Note Magnets

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Especially if your office has more Post-It notes than you or they know what to do with, these tiny budget-friendly strongholds can save you and your co-workers a lot of desk space. They tend to look especially nice on the cabinet doors and office refrigerator. If you know your coworkers personally, opt for magnets that incorporate their personalities like their favorite colors, tv shows, animals, or plants.

8. Desk Organizer

desk organizer
Source: Apollo Box
This is one of the best Christmas gift exchange ideas for coworkers. Most organizers have dividers for everything from Post-It notes to paper clips. This is great for a new year, a new year of organizing for any coworkers with especially messy desks.

9. Decorative Mini Succulents

mini succulents coffee mug 1 600x400 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Pro Flower
If you want to make your office a little greener, succulents are very low maintenance. They don’t need much sun and can be watered by a spray bottle. You don’t need a fancy pot, just a small shot glass will do. Some can be hung in the air like a lamp and don’t need soil, just an occasional mist of water. These are a great foolproof gift for any coworker and a great way to amp up any desk space.

10. Small Carry Backpacks

small carry backpack
Source: Pinterest
This is great if at least one of your co-workers always brings their lunch but has to carry the Tupperware by hand or seems to have only the small brown bags. A small carry backpack is much more durable and won’t fall apart if it’s dropped. There are super stylish options to carry your lunch in nowadays!

11. Chocolate coins

chocolate coins
Source: British Food Depot
If your co-worker is a chocolate lover, this is ideal for him or her. However, be sure that he or she is okay to consume sugar. If your co-worker is diabetic or has allergy issues, some sugar-free or dairy-free options are available. Who doesn't love to receive chocolate as a gift?

12. Mirror Favors

compact mirrors
Source: Wedding Favorites
These budget-friendly and purse-sized compact mirrors are especially handy if at least one of your co-workers is prone to a lot of touch-ups. A quick check never hurts for any occasion! Personalize them with their names to make it feel even more special.

13. Chapsticks/Lip balm

olio e osso balm 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Real Simple
This is budget-friendly and ideal for a large office. Unless your office is all women, going for the Classic Chapstick is probably your best bet. Or try out a personalized version instead!

14. Apothecary Jar Favors

pb classic glass apothecary jars m 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Pottery Barn
Apothecary jars can be used to store a lot of tiny things such as sticky notes and paper clips. However, they are also handy for keeping candy fresh as well. They make for great desk decor while being extremely useful!

15. Scented Travel Candles

travel scented candles
Source: Bodhi Tree
If at least one of your coworkers travels a lot, and if you believe that it’s a safe gift for coworkers, a scented candle can help make the office feel more like home (check if candles are allowed at your desk!) If not, the travel candle can also be taken with them on the road to make hotels feel more like home.

16. Himalayan Salt Lamp

small amber himalayan salt lamp 469x600 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Elysian Fields
A Himalayan salt lamp is great for either office Christmas gifts or Holiday gifts for co-workers. It can help keep the air purified and boost mood. They also add a moody glow to any room (or at your desk!)

17. Desk Accessory Holders

desk accessory holders
Source: Anthropologie
Like the organizer, accessory holders are one of the best Christmas gift exchange ideas for coworkers. It really helps with saving desk space. Most coworkers would appreciate a stylish way to organize!

18. Screen Wipes

screen wipes
Source: Spruce & Co
Whether you have a large or small staff, this is one of the best office Christmas gifts ever. It doesn’t take much for a computer, tablet, or iPhone screens to get dirty. Electronic accessory wipes help keep the office clean and free of germs!

19. Office Space Staplers

Source: Amazon
This is considered to be a gag gift but if your office isn’t paper-free, the red Milton stapler can make a very handy gift. It is classic and funny for any coworker to receive! This is best for a white elephant gift exchange of sorts.

20. Laptop Risers

Macbook Air Riser 600x382 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Cult of Mac
If your office primarily uses laptops, laptop risers are very practical. They can save posture and prevent a lot of health issues. They even make quite a few stylish versions to choose from.

21. Mason Jar Mugs

mason jar mugs
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited
Mason jar mugs are very popular these days. They can make great desk organizers or be perfect for a coworker exchange gift. Personalize them with your coworker's name so they can use for a cup or an organizer!

22. Personalized Luggage Tags

personalized luggage tags 31 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Little Things Favors
Personalized luggage tags fall under a great idea for DIY holiday gift ideas for coworkers. This is one of the best for a coworker who travels a lot. Any coworker would be happy to receive this thoughtful gift!

23. Cable Clips

cable cord clips
Source: Amazon
Cable clips can save a ton of space and energy as they are the desk organizer or charger and cable cords. There are classic versions to choose from or funny versions that have little animals or items on the clips. Choose whatever fits your office style best!

24. Personal Fans

personalized fans
Source: Etsy
With warm temperatures rising higher by the year, small handheld fans can come in very handy during the warmer times- especially with testy office AC! Wooden ones are also beautiful decor to pin up at your desk. Or try an electric one for better ventilation.

25. Personalized Starbucks Cups

personalized starbucks cup
Source: Little Miss Fancy Plans

Personalized Starbucks cups are budget-friendly for a coworker gift exchange idea. Especially if your coworker is a big coffee drinker and has a name that isn’t very popular, chances are, it will be much appreciated. Any tumbler that can be personalized is a no-fail gift for a coworker!

26. Holiday-Themed Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks 8 400x600 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: House of Nash Eats
Holiday-themed pretzels make a good holiday snack or lunch treat for the officer for a coworker who loves pretzels. This is a great DIY to make and bring into the office as a little snack for everybody. Wrap in a cellophane bag for an easy handout!

27. Bottle Opener Favors

beer shaped bottle opener wedding favors 3 600x480 27 Best Office Christmas Gift Ideas That are Safe for Coworkers
Source: Little Things Favors

Bottle openers come in so many different shapes and sizes, it is easy to personalize to gift to a coworker this holiday season. Look into their favorite activities, colors, hobbies, animals, and try and personalize from there to make for a special gift!

Got any other great office or Holiday gifts for coworkers not listed above? Please let us know in the comments below!

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