50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Image by Banana Custard on FlickrPaul Sweeney said, “A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity.  The order varies for any given year.”  There is no doubt that couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries have been through every trial and triumph that marriage has to offer.  Hopefully at this point, love is always the first item of celebration.  In any case, though, a special gift is in order.  If you are celebrating your 50th anniversary or are looking for a 50th anniversary gift basket for your parents or another special couple, you will find these suggestions useful. Maybe you're just looking for 50th anniversary party supplies and ideas, well even then, keep reading and hopefully you'll be inspired!

The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the gold anniversary.  Traditionally, each year of a marriage is represented by a different type of anniversary gift.  The first anniversary, for instance, is the paper anniversary.  By the time you’ve worked yourself up to the gold anniversary, you deserve a great gift!  Gold is the traditional gift, as well as the contemporary gift and color of the 50th anniversary.  The gemstone associated with the anniversary is golden topaz, and the flower is violet.  People do, though, often prefer the rose, especially varieties like the Golden Kiss.

Your gift does not have to conform to tradition.  If your spouse would love a cruise around the Caribbean, for example, that is perfectly acceptable.  You could say you’re giving your spouse the gift of the golden sun, if you wish.  Celebrating your golden anniversary calls for the perfect gift – whether or not that gift is actually gold!  If you would like to keep up the tradition, here are some gift ideas:

50th anniversary frameThese are all classic ideas, but if your spouse, parents, or grandparents already have their share of photo frames and glassware, you can stray outside the gold motif, while still adhering to the tradition in some ways.  For instance, you could assemble a gift basket of the spouse’s or couple’s favorite items that relate in some way to gold: a gold pen, gold-wrapped candies and Kisses, golden honey (great for tea and very healthy if local), and other goodies.

You could also purchase tickets for a sporting event, concert, play, ballet, vacation, or other event that your spouse or parents would enjoy.  Tuck these into a golden envelope or address the envelope with a gold metallic pen.  For a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, the gift needn’t be extravagant, though it certainly can be.  Why not get a gift card to a favorite restaurant or treat the happy couple to a night out at a hotel, bed and breakfast, or inn?

A bold idea is to simply ask what gift would be most liked and appreciated.  Everyone wants a surprise to sweep them off their feet once in a while, but if you are giving a gift to parents or grandparents, it may be just as nice to ask what they’d like.  Is it something practical like a once-a-week maid service for a year?  Something fun like golf or tennis lessons?  Something simple like a special dinner with the family?  Maybe these would be a great deal more appreciated than another set of gold candlesticks!

The 50th wedding anniversary is more than an anniversary; it is a momentous accomplishment.  Celebrate it with a gift as precious as gold: it doesn’t have to be gold, but something the recipient will treasure.

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  1. As men and women tend to have quite different ideas about what an appropriate gift should be it does not make it easy for a husband or wife to choose wedding anniversary gifts. Also, it is a common perception that remembering at all, let alone choosing a present is somehow the responsibility of us guys!

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