Little Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Setting the Theme

Yee-haw! Don't we all just love a fun baby shower? And it's always even more fun when there is a special theme to celebrate with! Now if there's a little cowboy on the way, you might choose to shower the mom to be with a cowboy baby shower. Doesn't that sound like a hootin' and hollarin' good time?

You can also choose to do this theme for a little cowgirl, but these ideas below are simply tailored to a little boy.


little cowboy shaped baby shower invitations Little Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas

Share the Theme

Blue, red, green, no matter the color, bandanas are the way to get the theme going. You can send a blue bandana in an envelope to each guest and ask them to wear it to the shower.

You can include your invitation on a tag clipped to it stating that it's a cowboy party. Ask guests to wear jeans and cowboy boots. Red cowboy shirts also work well. The more everyone looks the part, the better.

Attire & Accessories

Have fun with it!

Ask everyone in the baby shower invitations to bring a little something for the little cowboy like a little cow stuffed animal or wrap a little present in cowboy paper. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it's nice to offer a pile of cowboy goodies for he mom to be.

Once your invites are in the mail, start planning for the guest of honor. You'll want to make sure that she'll have a cowboy hat and bandana to wear, too. Especially if it's a surprise and she'll be the only one not in cowboy garb.

cowboy favors Little Cowboy Baby Shower IdeasShower Decor

Cowboy boots, hay, rope - oh my!

Little cowboy boots can be adorable. Find a pair at a store to decorate the food table or grab a bunch of plastic ones. You can find them at party shops or online. Often, they will have holes in them that you can fill with candy or other goodies. You can give these away as western favors.

You can also arrange flowers in the mini ones. Or, bigger cowboy boots can be used as a vase if you place a water-tight container inside them first.

Bring out the rope and hay. You might just want to have a hay bale outdoors by the front door if you don't want hay all over your house. But it can be cute to bring a bale in for the mom to be to sit on while she opens baby gifts.


Cowboy Diaper Cake Centerpieces

Cowboy Foods

Cornbread and Chili

Have cowboy foods that authentic cowboys might have had on the range. Set up your own chuck wagon station with metal pans that campers might use and old ladles. Make it as authentic as possible. Serve chili and cornbread and coffee perked from an old metal coffee pot. You can find them in flea markets and junk shops for very little money.

Little Cowboy Baby Shower Ideas


What to do?

Get the festivities moving with some good old country music. If your mom to be has a favorite artist, be sure to play his or her CD's. Give out little bags of "horse feed" that's actually popcorn. Surprise the guest of honor with a real pony for ambiance and offer kids at the shower rides. If you happen to live on a farm, bring in tack from the horse barn and lay it on a side table as part of the decor.

If you really want to get silly, have ride-on hobby horses on sticks. Guests will have a ball with them. Watch adult women turn into kids again.

Make a Movie!

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