8 Best Congratulations Gifts for a New Job

Gifts for job promotion

Gifts for job promotion

There is nothing more exciting in the business world than receiving a great promotion or new job. This transition often comes with a raise, more benefits, and an overall sense of appreciation and respect from coworkers. It is important to celebrate a new job with friends and family in order to take advantage of such a great opportunity. The best gifts to give somebody entering a new job would be ones related to the new position. Here are eight of the best gifts to help celebrate a new job.

1. Personalized Ballpoint Pen

Best gift ideas for new job
With technological advancements continuously on the rise, businesses are moving everything onto computers. However, there is still a need for pens in the workplace. From signing contracts to taking notes, the pen is something that will never go out of style or use within the workplace. Personalized ballpoint pens make a great gift for a promotion or new job. They are classy in design and comfortable to use. With custom engraving, users can have their name inscribed on the pen.

2. Classy Business Card Holder

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Nothing quite says " good luck on your new job " like a classy business card holder. When starting a new job, it is common to meet several new clients and coworkers. This is a great opportunity to start handing out new business cards with an updated job description and contact information. A classy business card holder makes for a great gift that friends will use consistently in their new position. These holders not only look stylish, but they are also a great way to keep business cards organized.

3. Chocolate 'Business Cards'

Creative gifts for new job

While paper business cards are still important, they aren't quite as exciting as this edible alternative. Chocolate 'business cards' are a personal and revolutionary way for professionals to make connections and communicate with clients. These 'business cards' can be handed out like normal designs or held for admiration. They make for an excellent talking piece and offer a great way to celebrate a new position. This is one of the most unique ways to tell a friend " congratulations on your promotion.

4. Money Clip

New job congratulation gift ideas

Some of the best congratulation gifts for new job promotions are usable even outside of the workplace. Money clips are one such present that can be used just as often out of work as it can during work. Every businessman and businesswoman needs a convenient place to keep their cash, credit cards and business cards. Trifold and bifold wallets are usable, but they are often too bulky and thick for dress pants. Money clips offer a stylish and minimalistic alternative to these options. With a custom inscription such as a name or initials, these money clips are a great way to say " good luck on your new job ".

5. Personalized Portfolio

Personalized gift ideas for new job

Starting a new job or receiving a promotion is a great time to start revisiting the portfolio. A fresh title and relevant job experience are great details to add. Furthermore, a new position will come with new projects that should be added as well. A personalized portfolio is a great gift to offer a friend who is taking on a new role at work. This gives them a great opportunity to revisit their old portfolio with the new changes that come with the promotion. The recipient's initials can even be inscribed on the front to increase this gifts personality.

6. Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor

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Cigars have become a staple of success within the corporate world. Coworkers often celebrate new promotions and excellent deals by smoking some high-quality cigars. There is no better way to offer a heartfelt " congratulations on your promotion " than by giving a humidor as a present. A cherry wood humidor will help to keep cigars fresh and keep them from drying out. These humidors are a great way to wish future successes in a new position by offering something with which to celebrate.

7. Personalized Travel Tumbler

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New jobs and promotions often mean more travel and movement. One of the best ways to keep up with a fast-paced corporate life is with coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages. In fact, these are some of the most popular drinks in the business world. A personalized executive travel tumbler is a great gift to help ensure your friend always has a warm and tasty drink. These tumblers are designed to keep refreshments warm throughout an entire work day. The customizable engraving will ensure this tumbler is never confused with for somebody else's.

8. Leather Desktop Tray

Congrats on new job gift ideas

In a new job, it is important to remain professional. Having a disorganized desk should be avoided at all costs. A leather desktop tray is one of the most practical gifts that can be purchased for a friend entering a new job. These trays are split into different sections and are designed to hold the odds and ends that usually crowd a desk. Car keys, change, wallets and pens can all be stylishly held in these leather trays.

Receiving a promotion or getting hired at a new job is an exciting and nerve-wracking process. When a friend receives the good news, it is important to celebrate this event. These eight congratulation gifts for new job promotions are great ideas.

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