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8 Fun Baby Shower Themes

Published February 20, 2015        by Matt

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8 fun baby shower theme ideas

I recently attended a fun and unique baby shower where the host asked guests to give book gifts because the expectant Mother wanted to have a collection of books to read her baby. It got me thinking about other unique themes for baby showers. When shopping for a gift, it was fun looking through children's books and reminiscing about a childhood favorite that I ended up giving as part of the gift (The Little Engine That Could).

Here are some great baby shower themes that will get your guests creative juices flowing as they try to find gifts that fall within their assigned theme. Guests will have fun finding gifts that they might not normally consider. These themes are especially great for baby showers where the Mom already has a couple of children. At that point, they already have a lot of the baby essentials from their first child so they are looking for something different.

nursery theme baby showerBook Themed Baby Shower

A great way to help Mom build baby's first library! In the invitation, request that guests give book themed gifts or ask them to include their favorite childhood storybook as part of their regular baby shower gift. The new baby will likely receive many different classic books, board books, and bedtime story books. A fun idea is to use bookmarks to make the invitations or give guests a bookmark party favor to take home with them.

Note: This gift-giving theme fits in perfectly with a Nursery Rhyme baby shower theme because you could ask guests to include a copy of their favorite Nursery Rhyme with their gift. It's a great way to pass along classics like Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and all the other classics.

Coupon or Gift Certificate Shower

If the Mom-to-be doesn't need any of the normal baby essentials because this is her 3rd or 4th child, a coupon or gift certificate baby shower is an excellent choice. When sending out the invites, ask guests to give gift certificates or homemade coupons to make Mom's life a little easier.

For instance, maid service, diaper service, pizza delivery, or a massage gift certificate would be great gift ideas. Even better, guests could offer the Mom-to-be a little of their time by making a coupon for 3 hours of babysitting, a free housecleaning, or a home-cooked meal delivered right to their door. A sleep deprived, stressed-out Mom is sure to appreciate any of these thoughtful, unique baby shower gifts!

Seasonal or Holiday Shower

baby's first Christmas gift

If Mom is due during the Christmas holidays or other seasonal holiday, this type of gift-giving shower is an excellent option. There are so many fun options with this shower so just let your creativity guide you.

  • If Mom is due in December, how about having guests wrap their gifts in holiday wrapping paper or ask them to give baby's first Christmas gifts if baby is due early in the month.
  • For October baby showers, consider having a spookily fun Halloween themed shower. Ask guests to dress in Halloween costumes and bring themed baby Halloween gifts and decorate for the holiday.
  • For February babies, a heart-themed shower is a great idea so include hearts in the invitations, tableware, food and decor. Get guests involved by asking them to incorporate hearts into their gifts.
  • April showers bring baby flowers is a great theme when the Mom-to-be is expecting a little girl. There are plenty of stores that offer flower themed baby shower supplies.

Time of Day Baby Shower

This one is sure to get your guest's creativity flowing. The idea behind this shower is for the expectant parents to receive gifts for every time of the day. When sending out the baby shower invitations, assign each guest a time of the day to theme their gift around. For instance, assign a few people to each of the following: meal time, nap time, bed time, snack time, play time, night time, etc. Guests simply buy a gift that would be used during the time of day that they were assigned.

For example if a guest received bed time, they could give the Ocean Times Aquarium which is designed to help baby sleep and attaches to the crib. For nap time, they could consider a personalized baby blanket.

Diaper Partyboy diaper cake

Even Mom's that are expecting their 3rd or 4th child need diapers so a diaper party is always a winner! In the invitations (use diaper shaped ones if you can find them), request that guests forego the typical baby shower presents and give diapers of all sizes instead. To make sure that Mom gets all sizes, you could assign guest's specific sizes if you prefer.

Be sure to play super fun baby shower games like the dirty diaper game available through All About Gifts & Baskets. And if ever there was a time for a diaper cake centerpiece, this would be it. You can buy diaper cakes from numerous companies online or create your own masterpiece.

Pamper Mom Shower

What Mom couldn't use a little pampering now and again? Another great idea for those Moms on their 3rd or 4th child so they don't need much in terms of actual baby gifts. Ask guests to bring things like bath gift sets to pamper Mom. She'll end up with lots of great bath and body products such as scented lotions, candles, bath salts, gels, loofahs, hand-held massagers, etc. Gift certificates to her local day spa are also an excellent idea.

Give the guests a personalized bath gel favor to thank them for sharing in the special day for the Mom-to-be. A great way to tie in the pamper theme!

A to Z Alphabet Baby Shower

Give your guests a little challenge by assigning each of them a letter of the alphabet and asking them to bring a gift that starts with that letter. For example if they were assigned the letter O, they could buy a onesie as their new baby gift. To carry the alphabet theme through to the rest of the shower, you could use ABC tableware such as napkins and plates and then scatter some wooden ABC blocks throughout the event for decorations.

Time Capsule Baby Shower

8 fun baby shower themes 9 120x145 8 Fun Baby Shower Themes

Ask guests to bring something to include in a time capsule that the baby can open in the future (e.g., 18 years at graduation). Good ideas would be newspaper clippings, a list of current prices, letters to the baby with advice, etc.

A fun baby shower game for this theme is the 'Guess Who' photo game where each guest brings a baby photo of themselves. The photos are laid out on a table or hung on the wall and then guests are asked to figure out which baby photo matches which guest. The guest that gets the most correct wins the prize!

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