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12 Charts for Every New Baby

Published July 25, 2017        by Matt

We scoured major medical websites for the best and most helpful new baby charts.  If you're not a new mom, pass this on to someone that is! We have a few gift ideas for new babies as well!

As a new mom, you might be wondering if your baby is getting enough sleep. This chart will give you a general idea of how much sleep your baby should get and how long each sleep session should last. You will probably want to get your own rest during your baby's snooze sessions. (Make sure they sleep with some cute personalized blankies!)

Here is an interesting infographic to help you interpret the amount of milk your baby should receive each day during the first year. Milk provides important nutrition for your growing baby and should be a consistent part of his/her diet.

Colic, or inconsolable crying, can be an extreme challenge for anew mom, but the good news is that it does not last forever. This graph shows daily crying at different ages, so you can determine whether your baby is colicky, average, or a quiet baby.
Preterm babies are at a higher risk for complications. This chart will show the number of preterm births among infants born. It also shares the percent of infants by completed weeks of gestation.

infant preterm by gestation weeks graph
Interestingly, breastfed babies tend to lose weight shortly after birth. It is not uncommon for a new baby to lose 10 percent or more of their birthweight within just a few days of delivery. These charts show the percentage of weight loss shortly after birth.

Choosing your baby's name usually takes quite a bit of time and thought, because more often than not they will have this name for life. This graph from the Social Security Administration shows historical trends in popular baby names for boys and girls.

Popular U.S. Boys Names, Ratio By Year Given, 1880-2008

Speaking of names, looking for a personalized gift? How about our cute Radio Flyer wagon basket!
Have you ever wondered how common your birthday is or what season of the year yields the most birthdays? These charts and graphs provide some interesting information for a new mom to answer these questions.
Babies need sleep so they can grow and develop. Here is a guide all about sleep for your new baby. It will answer any concerns you might have, like how much sleep should your baby be getting or what temperature will your baby sleep best in? (PS Here are some cute personalized blankies!)baby sleep knew poo could be so many unusual colors? The colors range from black to yellow! Here is a chart to help you decipher the doo you will find in your baby's diaper.

Source: Cleveland Clinic

Speaking of Diapers:  Check out our sponsor's amazing diaper gift baskets!  

Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts in Every State

Published January 26, 2017        by Matt

What Men Buy Women

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and we're already seeing lots of questions come in about what's the most popular Valentine's Day Gifts.  We sell a LOT of gifts for Valentine's Day, stuff we can't believe guys send their girlfriends and wives, but hey, whatever floats your boat!  This year, we decided to look back at what everyone was sending in each state, and even sent out a survey to thousands of our customers to ask them what they sent.

And there's a lot to be surprised about.  Chocolate surprised us as being a top gift in more states than we expected, especially in the Northeast.  Lingerie?  Is there a reason why it's the top gift in states with mostly Hot Weather?  Or are they sending a different signal?  Spa related gifts eeked out a #1 win, not by much, in Virgina and North Dakota. And Teddy Bears: Who knew so many guys had a soft spot in the middle of the country.

Finally, we were surprised at the clear difference between states that prefer Roses versus general flowers.  Usually those two gifts ran a close 1st-2nd place followed by everything else, but in New Jersey, a full 65% of guys sent roses, the next highest item was chocolates which came in at 30%, the highest gap between 1st and 2nd place for any state in America. You sure love your chocolate New Jersey!  Find your state and see if you're sending what everyone else is sending!

Top Gift send by Men to Women, by state.

Alabama - Roses
Alaska - Teddy Bears
Arizona -Flowers
Arkansas - Roses
California - Roses & Chocolates are a tie for First
Colorado - Chocolates
Connecticut - Chocolates
Delaware - Roses
Florida - Lingerie
Georgia - Roses
Hawaii - Chocolates
Idaho - Roses
Illinois - Flowers
Indiana - Flowers
Iowa - Teddy Bears
Kansas -Spa Experience
Kentucky - Chocolates
Louisiana - Roses
Maine - Chocolates
Maryland - Roses
Massachusetts - Roses
Michigan - Roses
Minnesota - Flowers
Mississippi - Roses
Missouri - Roses
Montana - Flowers
Nebraska - Spa Experience
Nevada - Roses
New Hampshire - Chocolates
New Jersey - Roses (by a LOT)
New Mexico - Teddy Bears
New York - Chocolates
North Carolina -Chocolates
North Dakota - Flowers
Ohio - Flowers
Oklahoma - Roses
Oregon - Jewelry
Pennsylvania - Teddy Bears
Rhode Island - Flowers
South Carolina - Chocolates
South Dakota - Flowers
Tennessee - Chocolates
Texas - Lingerie
Utah - Roses
Vermont - Chocolates
Virginia - Spa Experience
Washington - Chocolates
West Virginia - Flowers
Wisconsin - Flowers
Wyoming - Teddy Bears

Methodology: Sales data from All About Gifts & Baskets, augmented by 500 person survey in each state, post Valentine's Day.  Margin of error +/- 4%

29 Reasons Why Christmas Gift Baskets are Amazing Christmas Gifts

Published December 13, 2016        by Matt

29 Reasons why Christmas Gift Baskets are terrific last minute  Gifts.
(with clickable Pictures)

  1. Everyone loves Food.  Christmas Gift Baskets have lots of food. Fill their hearts and their bellies.

    christmas gift baskets
    Gourmet Food, Nuts & Chocolate Snack Basket
  2. You can make it look like you assembled it yourself. Take it apart at home and slip in a personal card!

    christmas gift baskets
    Sweet Sunshine Citrus Basket
  3. It's hard to make something look that good on your own - Don't take it apart, let it look glorious when they unwrap it.

    The Chocolicious Sampler
  4. "I don't want a basket full of chocolate", said nobody ever.

    Godiva Connoisseur Gift Basket
  5. You can make diabetics happy - All this talk of chocolate makes us realize not everyone should be eating all this chocolate. here's a handful of great Diabetic Gift Baskets

    Sugar Free Mini-Basket
  6. You can make Jewish people happy - Yes, Kosher gifts exist! And they are delicious

    Kosher Hanukkah Basket
  7. Men will always appreciate food over socks and ties -

    Motorcycle Lovers Snack Basket
  8. Grandparents love Christmas gift baskets - Because it looks like you packed it yourself

    get well gifts for kids
    Fun 'n Games Gift Basket
  9. It's perfect for a big family gathering. Or for a gift for a big family. - Feed up to 20 at once!

    Loads o Snacks Basket
  10. It's perfect for a family with a long drive back home
  11. Kids think Candy baskets are like a second Halloween. And leave the sugar high for the parents to deal with.

    M&M Extravaganza Bouquet
  12. There are super healthy baskets

    Fruit And Nut Tray
  13. Organic food nuts go nuts for nuts

    Organic Harvest Nut Basket
  14. It's the perfect gift for people to take to work next week

    West Coast Gourmet Snack Basket
  15. It's a gift they can use in a couple of weeks and remember you

    Redbox Movie Night Care Box
  16. An easy way to give something useful to a new mom

    Personalized It's a Boy (or Girl) Wagon Package
  17. It's a great gift that goes with watching football later in the day

    Football Time Pail
  18. It's an easy gift to take on the their stomachs

    Holiday Caramel Chocolate Munch Basket
  19. It's an easy gift to take on the plane...and eat on the way home

    Christmas Oreo Gift Box
  20. It's an easy gift to give a boss without looking like a kiss-up

    Nut and Deluxe Fruit Tray
  21. Mom's love getting diapers for free. Diaper Cakes are gorgeous.

    Giraffe Boy Diaper Cake
  22. You can buy 5 of the same Christmas Gift Basket and pass them out to different friends, and they'll never know the difference.

    Golden Gourmet Goodies Tower
  23. Multiple treats in the basket means there's going to be something they like

    Chocolate covered Fruit and Nuts Tray
  24. The gift will look amazing, and not cost a fortune

    $39 Christmas Chocolate Cravings
  25. It's a great way to show you care, even though you can't be there for Christmas.

    Holiday Tower for Families
  26. Everyone will be talking about the amazing food you sent

    Regal Brownie and Cookie Tower. 4 Boxes!
  27. It's like sending a meal, without the refrigeration

    Italian Bounty Gourmet Gift Basket
  28. Fancy Wine Gifts at a low price

    California Chardonnay Classic Basket
  29. There are lots of ways to say Merry Christmas for under $40 or even $30

    Baskets for Coffee Lovers

Gourmet Popcorn Tins - An Affordable Gift Idea For A Family or Office Group

Published December 09, 2016        by Sarah

Holiday popcorn tin

Affordable Gift Idea Series:

Nothing says holiday better than food!  ‘Tis the season, no matter what time of year, to give the gift of delicious treats.  When you have a lot of people to shop for, like an office group or family gathering , it makes sense to get the most out of your gift budget and find an affordable gift.  Choosing gourmet popcorn tins will allow you to do this.  Perfect for any office party or break room, a tin of gourmet popcorn is a wonderfully efficient way to say thank you, congratulations, good work, or happy holidays.

Popcorn tins abound during the holidays; we see them in every department, discount, and box store.  They typically come in a cute tin with three standard flavors: caramel, white cheese, and orange cheese.  While this is a good snack, you may want to boost the quality for your office gift.  Choosing gourmet blends not only adds elegance and class to the gift, it also adds tremendously to the recipients’ enjoyment of it!

Expect to spend around $50 to $60 on a large popcorn tin.  This may seem expensive for popcorn, but you will not be able to find another gourmet arrangement, whether a fruit basket or a chocolate sampler, that can feed an office full of people for less.  Another option is to get a sampler pack. Still, this is by no means “cheap” popcorn, but it is a relatively cost-effective holiday treat for an office gathering.

When choosing your holiday popcorn tin, look for:

  • Freshness. Ideally, the company will pop their corn fresh everyday so you get the best, most flavorful popcorn to send to your recipients.
  • Variety. What types of flavors are available?  Are there old favorites as well as innovative blends?  Are there sampler blends available so you can send a little bit of all different kinds?
  • Quantity. Are you going to be able to feed an entire office?  Look at the serving recommendations to see how many people you can serve so you can effectively compare costs and volume size.
  • Price. Again, popcorn, even delicious gourmet popcorn, typically costs less than other gourmet treats, such as fruit, chocolate, or cheeses, but do stick to your budget.  If you do a little searching, you can find a company that can suits all your needs for your holiday popcorn gift.

Gourmet popcorn is guaranteed to be a success at any office gathering.  Show some holiday cheer and go with the good stuff!

One of our favorites is Popcornopolis, where you can try up to SIX different kinds of Popcorn at once.  

cheap gifts

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Get Well Gifts for Kids - Ideas

Published November 30, 2016        by Matt

Get Well Gifts for Kids 

Do you have a sick child in your family who lives far away from you? We know how frustrating it can be to not be close enough to take care of a loved one, especially a youngster. This is why we've found lots different get well gifts sure to put a smile on any kiddo's face. There is nothing more exciting than receiving mail if you are stuck at home, especially when it contains presents to help a sickly kid feel better.

Get Well Gifts With Games
get well gifts for kids

Send a favorite childhood game, to keep little one's spirits up. It will help them get their mind off of being sick. If you are not sure what type of game they'll like, we offer an awesome Fun & Games Gift Basket that contains a variety of games and activities, as well as some sweet treats. As an added bonus, it contains a cowbell noise maker for the patient to summon for service in a fun way.

Get Well Gifts with Treats

Speaking of goodies, nothing quite helps a child feel better faster than special treats. Send a box of fresh brownies or your famous chocolate chip cookies in a colorful tin. If you have a limited amount of free time, we carry a fun red gift box in two sizes filled with all different kinds of treats to ensure everyone has a favorite included in the mix. Our medium gift box snacks include buttery microwave popcorn, Snyder's pretzels, 2 oz of Planters Peanuts, candy and more with some games. Our larger box includes everything in the medium-sized one, as well as two times as much buttery popcorn and Planters Peanuts, and two extra games of Yahtzee and Uno.
get well gifts for kids
Get Well Gifts for Bored Kids
In addition to games, other care package additions for sick bored children include coloring books and crayons for younger patients or an artist sketchbook and watercolor markers for older kiddos. If you are unsure of what to send, We offer a Child Feel Better Bucket that includes age-appropriate and gender specific items. Along with a small tabletop game, it could include activity books, crayons or colored pencils, and a small teddy bear.
Get Well Gifts for Kids to Cheer  Up
If you really want to cheer your small sick loved one up, create a silly video of you performing a feel better skit or speech. Send a DVD of a newly released kid movie, or a re-released classic children story. Include theater-style snacks. Another option is to send a gift card so they can pick out a movie. Order something like our Get Well Movie Gift Basket to arrive at the same time as the DVD or gift card. It is filled with theater favorites, and a choice of candy treats , depending on if the kid likes chocolate or fruity flavors.
get well gifts for kids

How Much to Spend on Get Well Gifts for Children
You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to help cheer up and ailing kiddo. Depending on the size and the content, we have get well gift baskets for kiddos aged 4-12 starting at only around 45 dollars. No matter what you choose to send on one of your favorite little people in the mail, rest assured that it will help them feel better.