A Mother's Day Box Of Love Gift Ideas

Home made gifts for moms

As Mother's Day approaches this year, you want to make it a memorable one. A personalized gift box is just the ticket to let her know how much she means to you. A handmade gift of her favorites will touch her heart, you know how much she will enjoy it. Below, we'll give you ideas on what to fill the box with that will hold special memories. The box is ideally decorated with colors and patterns that evoke personal experiences you've shared in the past. Here are some ideas that will inspire you and help you get started:

Items You Will Need To Get Started On Your Mother's Day Box
Home made gifts for moms

  1. A box with a lid large enough to hold the items.
  2. Cloth ribbon in her favorite color and your favorite color (enough to cover the lid and twice the sides)
  3. Gold or silver metallic spray paint
  4. Fabric Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Ruler
  7. Pencil
  8. A fabric bow and/or silk flower for the lid (optional)

Making Mother's Day Box Of Love

amazing gifts for moms

  1. Wipe down your box with a cloth to make sure it is free of dust.
  2. Go outside and spray paint your box and lid with the metallic paint. Quickly apply light even coats until the surface is covered.
  3. Put aside and let dry overnight
  4. Cut your ribbon into strips long enough to reach across the top of the lid and down the sides. Cut two strips that are the length of the side of the lid. Cut another length that will go around the four sides of the lid.
  5. Measure the lid and find the center. Mark the center, then center your ribbon width with the center mark on your lid. With your ruler, make a small mark using your pencil at the top and bottom of your lid that measures the width of the ribbon. Start your marks at the center of the lid so the sides will be the same width. For Example: if the ribbon is 1" you would make a series of 1" wide marks at both ends of the lid starting at the center of the lid. These marks will help guide you to keep the ribbon straight.
  6. Put A touch of glue at your starting point on the side of your lid for your ribbon, across the top, and down the other side. (Remember to start placing the ribbon in the center of your lid, not on either side.) Place a very small drop of glue about every inch.
  7. Alternate ribbon colors, laying them side by side, and keeping them straight as you go across the lid. Trim any ribbon that extends past the sides of the lid.
  8.  Glue the two pieces of ribbon onto the two sides of the lid that are not covered. Let dry overnight.
  9. The remaining piece of ribbon is to be glued to four sides of the lid to give it a finished look.
  10.  The lid top can be garnished with a fabric bow and/or silk flower. Use the glue and allow it overnight to dry.

Alternatives: If you don't want to use ribbon, the painted box with a bow and/or silk flower on the lid will work as well. Instead of painting the box, cover the lid with wrapping paper or a thin fabric. Try using ribbon to give a polished look to any raw edges.

Your Mother's Day Gift For Mom

fun Mother's Day gifts

The items you put in the box should be special. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Write a poem or story about an event or events in the past that is very special to the both of you.
  • Find old photos, postcards, letters, and holiday cards that bring memories of past shared events.
  • Tickets to an outing you know she would love.
  • A shared day at the spa.
  • Dinner out at her favorite restaurant.
  • Keepsakes of the past that share the closeness of your relationship.

Alternatives to Mother's Box

fun gifts for mothers

If DIY is not your thing, there are other ways to show your respect and affection. For instance:
Amazing gifts for moms

  • A gift basket for the chocolate lover in her. Very few can resist a gift basket full of chocolate goodies. Just make sure it is her favorite....dark, milk, or white. This mothers day gift will surely bring a smile to her face. She might even share some with you.

Awesome Mother's Day gifts

  • Ah....that first cup of coffee! Make her mothers day with a basket of delicious coffee "makin's" and she will be reminded every morning of your love and affection. Nothing like the aroma of a good cup of coffee to get your day started. You might get a call to come and share a cup.

Fun gifts for moms

  • Maybe it is time to pamper her with a home spa basket. She can treat herself in the comfort of her own home with a relaxing "do it yourself" spa day. It is the perfect gift so she can feel her beautiful glowing self. After the home treatment, she may be ready for a night out on the town.

Hope these ideas inspire you. We look forward to any Mother's Day box of love creations that you wish to share. Sharing new ideas that help make Mothers Day a special occasion, can be exciting and fulfilling. Tell us in the comments below the one thing you'd put in a box that we haven't thought of!

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