Affordable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Affordable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Affordable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Moms are Simple

Moms are so easy to buy for. The lady who does it all usually has pretty simple desires. She just wants something that was given in love from the heart. So choose her gift based on her tastes, but also what you really think she will like because you love it, too. Your enthusiasm for her gift will show through as you present it to her. And she'll love it!

Get Sentimental

Show her you love her

So, what do you give the mother of your children or your own mom on Mother's Day? Many moms get highly sentimental on this day, so choose a gift that will make her nostalgic, happy, or pensive.

It is a must that you include a handwritten card. Moms most likely will cherish the handwriting long after the holiday is over. Especially if a Mother's Day gift is coming from young kids, have them write out her name and their own. You can write the rest if there's more to say. But she'll cherish their signatures forever.

Breakfast in Bed

Affordable Mother's Day Gift IdeasServe her

The gift itself can be anything from breakfast in bed to a handmade plaque. Back to the old reference, it's the thought that counts. So make it count and show her that she is cherished.

One thing is for sure, mom needs to be treated like a queen on Mother's Day. So why not create a Queen for the Day theme?

She'll be so happy that you value her for all she does, and will really feel great that everyone took time out of their day to plan something special just for her! You really can't go overboard with sincerity so make it good!

Queen for the Day

Give her a theme

Start with giving her a tiara. The kids can make this out of paper with glitter glue gems or you can go pick up a little ballerina tiara for a few dollars at the store.

Next, make her a robe. This can be a piece of velvet from the fabric store (or an old velvet curtain a la Scarlett O'Hara!). Create a costume of sorts for her to wear while she's eating her breakfast in bed that you so lovingly prepared.

Moms will eat anything, but do try to help the kids if they aren't exactly aware that chocolate syrup isn't a food group. Although Mother's Day cookies are always a hit.

Mother's Day Gardening Gift - Do this with the kids!

Free Up Her Afternoon

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Give her the afternoon off to do whatever

After her breakfast in bed, allow her to do whatever she wants for a few hours. She may choose to soak in a bubble bath, run to the gym (alone!), go shopping, or meet a friend for tennis. Whatever she likes to do should be allowed.

Moms get few chances to do what they want as they often cater to everyone else in the family all year.

Clean the House

Make her day

When mom arrives home or gets out of the bath, have the house cleaned up. It costs you nothing, but will make her entire day. This would almost be enough of a gift in and of itself. With cleaning comes doing the dishes, and clearing clutter.

But you can also throw laundry in, feed the pets, and do some of the other chores that mom normally attends to. Tell her she doesn't have to do anything at all if she doesn't want to.

Gift Cards and Books

Time for a well-deserved treat

Along with the theme of Queen for a Day, you can wrap up some presents in some fancy paper or artwork that the kids have done. Gift her with a pretty journal and pen, a photo frame of the family that the kids decorated, a book she's been wanting to read, or any other items that would make her day. This is the perfect time to break out a gift certificate to a makeup store like Ulta Cosmetics or Sephora. Then let her go and spend it while the kids are occupied at home.

Thoughtful Mother's Day presents don't have to be expensive. It really is the thought that counts on a special holiday like this.

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