Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Airplane Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Image by cierah on Flickr

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Airplane Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Image by cierah on Flickr

Airplane Baby Shower - Great for Baby Boys!

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

If there's a little boy about to join the family, an airplane baby shower theme can be really fun and festive, especially if one of the parents is a pilot or works in the aviation industry. So celebrate that future pilot with some of the creative and unique ideas featured in this post.

You'll find tips for every aspect of the shower from the invitations to the food to the perfect gift to welcome the aviator-to-be. Your guest's excitement will surely be soaring to new heights!!

Airplane Baby Shower Invitations

Start with airplane themed invitations. You can find them online or you can make them yourself. Many online companies sell fully personalized airplane themed invitations that feature all the shower details and clever wording about the special package delivery that is on the way.

For unique DIY cheap baby shower invitations with an airplane theme, you can create "boarding passes." Use plain paper in your computer and design a cute ticket that shows when guests are to arrive and that they will be boarding Baby Airlines. You can find a FREE boarding pass template design that can be downloaded to Microsoft Word from Note that these were originally designed for wedding save the date notes, but they would work perfectly as baby shower invitations too.

You can also buy adorable airplane themed invitations at Esty.

Airplane Stationery at Amazon

Airplane Decoration Ideas

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Image Source: Dimple Prints

When it comes to the decor, the sky's the limit. You can make clouds out of balloon bunches or make paper cutouts with cotton balls glued to them. You can have a tabletop designed to look like a runway. Just draw a black line down a white tablecloth for a runway and put a toy airplane at the end of it. Fill the airplane with little gifts or leave as is. You can include little plastic people to make it even more authentic. Fisher Price makes an adorable airplane that could be given to Mom as a newborn gift after the shower.

Other ideas include hanging paper airplanes from the ceiling and light fixtures along with streamers and balloons with an airplane shape or motif. World maps can be used to decorate the walls and as placemats for table settings. Use small open suitcases to hold "in-flight" snacks or drinks and inflatable or table globes to add a travel or destination flair.

You can get really creative with the airplane baby shower theme ideas. It's so much fun and you can add little touches like toy airplanes or give out airplane-shaped candies or candles in goody bags. You can have fun using cocktail napkins, swizzle sticks, maraschino cherries for drinks, and more.

Little touches will make it really fun to carry the theme through. Ask guests to wrap their gifts in paper that has airplanes on it. Sprinkle airplane shaped confetti and do a bon voyage sign pointing towards a hospital. Pack a suitcase with things a mom would need like newborn diapers, tiny baby outfits to bring baby home in and use at the hospital, lotions, diaper cream, and more.

Even More Fun Aviator Party Decoration Ideas

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Image Source: Armelle Blog

Decoration Ideas from Amazon

Airplane Baby Shower Food Ideas

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Serve your food on trays that the airlines might use. You can find throw away foam trays at party shops or restaurant supply stores. It will add a fun atmosphere to the party. Serve individual portions of food like packets of peanuts, creme brulee in individual crocks or muffins. Finger foods that can be eaten with just hands are also good. Serve individual sodas in miniature cans like they have on the airlines. You can find them now in grocery stores. Serve drinks from a cart like a flight attendant.

Image by

Alternatively, serve the meal in a boxed "in-flight" meal plastic favor container like you can literally buy on airplanes these days. Include a sandwich, chips, cookies and some fruit and package it like the one shown in the photo to the right. You can get the adorable personalized baby shower favor tags, napkin rings, and decorations for the in-flight meal as shown in the photo.

Airplane Cake Ideas

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Image Source: DessertLover2010 at Flickr

For the cake, you can make one to look like an airplane. In fact, Amazon sells numerous cake pans that are shaped like an airplane. Then just use your creative side to decorate it in colors to match your shower color scheme.

Alternatively, have a bakery make you a cake with fondant figures and an airplane cake topper. You can show a pregnant mom to be boarding the airplane for a few laughs. For the guests at the shower that aren't big fans of cake, you could also make airplane cut-out cookies using a simple cookie cutter.

Make Your Own Hard Sugar Airplane Cupcake Toppers!

Make your own airplane themed cupcakes with this cute idea!

Airplane Cake & Cupcake Supplies from Amazon

As you know, Wilton is a huge supplier of cake supplies and pans. If you visit their website, you can find many more ideas for airplane cakes including 3-D versions.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Classic shower games such as baby shower bingo or baby word scrambles are an excellent choice no matter what the shower theme.

But for an airplane baby shower, you could consider some form of "Pack the Suitcase" where you break the guests into several teams and give them each a small suitcase along with some baby clothes (you want to have enough clothes to make it tough to get the suitcase zipped). The must fold the clothes and zip up the suitcase. Mom can judge who does it best to determine the winner.

Or consider an Paper Airplane contest. Give each guest a piece of paper and have them construct an airplane. Then have a throwing contest. Whoever throws their plane the farthest wins.

Another great option is printable baby shower games and has TONS of options for baby showers. Just click, print, and play your favorite.

Airplane Baby Shower Favors - It's All About The Destination!

Any sort of favor that has a travel or destination style would be an excellent choice for this baby shower theme. We found some adorable suitcase style containers that can be filled with candies and then embellished with a personalized sticker (perfect for unique baby shower favors). Airplane shaped luggage tags, personalized travel sized hand santizers, lotions or lip balms would also be adorable ideas. You can also visit Wedding Favors Unlimited for all kinds of airplane wedding favors that would just as well for baby showers!

Baby Gifts with an Airplane Theme

Airplane Baby Shower Ideas

Make a baggage claim area where mom can open her gifts. Guests will know to place their gifts there when they arrive. Give her a plastic seat to sit on just like the airlines have and make a first class sign to place over the chair the mom to be will be sitting in. In the invitations, you can tell guests that they are allowed to bring one carry-on travel-sized item for the mom to be. This can be lotion, baby bath, or any travel sized toiletry item. It's a cute way to collect items for the new mom to use for baby.

There are no shortage of unique baby shower gifts available with an airplane theme. What little boy wouldn't love to wear a onesie with an airplane motif or tote around a security blanket covered in airplanes. Another fun idea is to make a diaper cake that features an airplane motif like the one shown in the photo.

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