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An "Un"Scary Halloween Party

Published October 24, 2009        by Nicole

20091024 An UnScary Halloween PartyWhen I think of Halloween, images of ghosts and goblins immediately come to mind.  Although my 7 year old son loves the goulish side of Halloween, my soon-to-be 3 year old gets spooked pretty easily.  So this year our Halloween decorations focus more on non-scary images, and I thought I would share some tips for an un-scary Halloween Party - perfect for younger crowds.

  1. Celebrate the Season:  Take advantage of the fall harvest and have partygoers bob for apples.  Make sure to have plenty of towels on hand!
  2. Have a Pumpkin Toss:  Choose some small pumpkins and mark off a place in the yard where it's OK to make a mess.  Have participants choose their pumpkin, mark it with their name and see how far they can throw it from the starting line.  I recommend separate pumpkins for each guest just in case they go "splat!"
  3. Decorate in Black and Orange:  Hang crepe paper in the doorway, light the path to your house with friendly jack-o-lanterns, and utilize balloons for decorations.  If you don't have helium balloons, hang some balloons down from the ceiling and let others float around on the floor.
  4. Create a "Friendly" Witch's Brew:  Using a large black cauldron, flavored drink mixes and dry ice (if available), give each child an ingredient to pour into the brew while you stir it together using a large ladle.
  5. Don't Forget the Candy:  Have a large bowl of candy or a Halloween Treat Basket on your table for the kids to nibble on.  Bake sugar cookies in advance, and have colored frosting on hand.  Give each child a cookie, some frosting and a bunch of candies (red hots, candy corn, M&M's, etc) so they can come up with a unique Halloween cookie creation!

With this simple tips, you can host a fun Halloween party with no need for scary parts!

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