Tips - Anniversary Gift Baskets

50th Anniversary Gift Baskets

Known as the "Golden" anniversary for good reason, few ever reach this truly impressive milestone. You can create a 50th anniversary gift basket to celebrate the occasion. A gold colored champagne or wine bucket would be an appropriate container for the event. Inside you can place a gold label sparkling wine and gold-rimmed toasting glasses. After 50 years, the couple no doubt has many photos of their life together, but a photo from their wedding day in a gold frame would be a moving tribute to their marriage. Top your gift with a big gold bow.

10th Anniversary Gift Baskets

The modern 10th anniversary gift is diamond jewelry, and the traditional gift is tin or aluminum. If diamonds are out of your budget, try a creative way for a more traditional present. You can use a tin container to hold gourmet food picked out just for them. By year 10, you probably know your spouse's tastes pretty well, so pick out some of their favorite gourmet food and arrange them inside the tin. Cover your present with a nice silver or white organza ribbon and tie a big bow on top.

1st Anniversary Gift Baskets

The traditional 1st anniversary gift is paper while the modern 1st anniversary suggestion is clocks. You can use the traditional theme of paper to put together a fun anniversary gift basket for your spouse. Include items like books (by favorite authors, or romantic books for "couples"), a framed picture of a favorite photo of the two of you, and even a paper gift certificate. Of course, if you really want to impress your spouse, try writing a love letter or poem. Finish off your gift with a hand-written card.

25th Anniversary Gift Baskets

25 years together is a big reason to celebrate! Whether it's your anniversary, or someone who is close to you, mark the occasion with an anniversary gift basket worthy of the milestone. Silver is both the modern and traditional gift for a 25th anniversary, so try to include the color in your gift as much as possible. Try using a clear acetate container and fill the inside with shiny silver shred. Fill the inside with silver colored items, like a picture frame, personalized key chain, or letter opener. You can fill in any empty spaces with bags of silver-wrapped chocolate kisses. Then, tie up the whole container in silver ribbon and you will have made a memorable, monochromatic masterpiece.
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