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Baby Bassinets or Moses Baskets - Needed or Not?

Published November 01, 2011        by Sarah

When a new baby is on the way, you may start to get a bit overwhelmed about what you actually need and what is just a nice addition to your supplies and furniture. If this is your first baby, you may wonder where to turn for this type of advice. If you're just shopping for a baby gift and don't know the difference, well then keep reading! Either way, it's great information to have.

You definitely need a crib for your baby to sleep in. She’ll probably sleep in the crib until she is about two. But when baby comes home from the hospital, she will be a precious little ball of cuteness. That crib is going to seem so big and maybe her room is down the hall from yours. That’s when a bassinet or Moses basket comes in handy.

A bassinet is going to be your best friend during the first few weeks of baby’s new life. She will sleep in it during the night and also during the day. It’s a secure place to put her down when you have to run to get the phone or if you want to change her diaper quickly without running upstairs. The bassinet is designed to go next to your bed while you are sleeping. The reason for it is so that baby can be near you without being in your bed. It’s not advised to put a small baby in bed with you as she can become entangled in covers. It’s safer to have her near you by the side of the bed.

The bassinet will be right near you so when baby cries during the night, you can get to her quickly. Nighttime feedings are easy when you have baby right there. You can even bring bottles into your room at night filled with sterilized water and keep the powder for the formula all measured out in a plastic container. Mix the bottle and you don’t have to run to the kitchen in the middle of the night. And if you are breastfeeding, you’re already there to feed baby when she cries.

The Moses basket is a different story. They sure are cute. These little woven baby baskets have a liner and are designed to hold baby in a comfortable place when she is tiny. The name of the basket is derived from the type of basket Moses from the Bible may have been placed in when he was floated down the river. The problem with the Moses basket is that it rests on the floor. If you have pets or other children, that’s probably not the safest place for a sleeping baby.

There are some good uses for the Moses basket, however. If you want to go out to eat with a friend, bring along the Moses basket and baby can sleep at your feet in it while you eat. But you can also use your stroller for that as today most come with a car seat that sits on top for this very purpose.

Another use of the Moses basket is in the home while no one but you is around. If you’re going to be doing laundry, baby can sleep in the basket by your side. When in doubt about which to buy, however, it's safe to say go with the bassinet.

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  1. These Bassinets are absoulutely beautiful!! Thanks for posting different styles and makes.


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