Baby Blocks / Alphabet Themed Shower

Baby Blocks / Alphabet Themed Shower

Baby Blocks / Alphabet Themed Shower

Alphabet A to Z or Baby Blocks Shower Ideas

The classic wooden blocks that we all played with as children lend themselves perfectly to a baby shower theme. You can find baby shower tableware, invitations, guest party favors and many gifts that incorporate baby blocks so planning this type of shower is fairly straight forward.

That said, I have tried to give a comprehensive overview of some of the more unique and clever baby block themed items available on the retail market today as well as some fun game ideas that are sure to have your guests laughing. If you've recently planned or attended a blocks themed shower and have some other ideas, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks and enjoy!

Baby Blocks Shower Invitations

Baby Blocks Shower Invitations

For the baby shower invitations, you have several options. You can buy fully customized baby shower invitations like those shown in the photograph where the details are printed on the cards and they arrive at your door ready to mail to the shower guests.

If you are a bit more crafty and creative (and have some time on your hands), you can create your own shower invitations. If you do this, you can incorporate an alphabet theme into the shower invitations because you'll have plenty of room to explain the gift challenge to your guests.

The basic idea is that you assign each of them a letter of the alphabet and ask them to bring a gift that starts with that letter. For example if they were assigned the letter O, they could buy a onesie as their new baby gift. This idea ties in perfectly with a wooden block theme. Even if you use pre-printed or custom shower cards, you could slip in a note with the gift instructions for each guest.

If you are making your own shower invitations, here are a couple clever block card sayings that you can use for showers:

  • It's a block party! Join us in celebrating the new little boy...or girl coming to the (names) family.
  • Hickory Dickory Dock! There's about to be a new baby boy (girl or kid) on the block!

Make your own baby invitations with a block theme using the instructions at Avery. Basically, you use Avery textured greeting cards and some scrapbooking supplies to create the invites shown in the photograph.

You can use that same Avery or other cardstock along with rubber stamps that have ABC block patterns to create unique and fun invitation.

Blocks Themed Partyware & Decor

Blocks Themed Partyware & Decor

Whether Mom is having a baby boy or girl, you can find blocks themed baby shower tableware at many online shops in both a blue or pink color scheme as shown in the photo. You can buy all of the items such as plates, napkins, tablecloths, beverage cups and more with the same pattern OR if you are on a tight budget, just buy a few of the themed items and then buy solid colored tablecloths, plastic silverware and napkins to save a bit of money.

To decorate for the shower, use streamers and balloons that match the tableware. You can even find latex baby shower balloons that have a baby block pattern. If you are crafty, you can paint, wrap and create faux blocks out of cardboard boxes of all different sizes to serve as decorations all around the shower area.

On the buffet table, scatter wooden blocks all around the food and be sure to make one of the fun block cakes or cupcakes shown below to tie the theme all together.

For the centerpiece, you can create your own blocks, buy a block themed baby diaper cake, or consider buying a pre-made one.

Alphabet Baby Shower Supplies

Alphabet Baby Blocks Shower Supplies

Baby Blocks Party Food Ideas

When it comes to the food for a block party, think cubes and squares. Here are just a few ideas to get you started...

  1. Buy blocks of cheese and cut them into 3/4 to 1" cubes. You can decorate the sides of the cheese by using piped cream cheese with letters and numbers. Serve them on a tray with toothpicks and even crackers if you'd like.

    Baby Block Cake
    Image by
  2. Have a square dish filled with fresh organic fruit cubes. Buy watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew cutting it into 1" cubes. Mix it together and serve it on the tray.
  3. For dessert, you can easily make block cakes like those shown below or buy some petit-fours which are usually cubed in shape. Or perhaps consider buying some store bought pound cake (e.g. Entenmann's) and cutting it into cubes. Serve it with chocolate sauce for dipping.
  4. Any sort of finger sandwiches cut into small squares would work well. Just choose your favorite flavor such as chicken salad, egg salad, etc.

Baby Block Cake Ideas

Get the instructions from Wilton on how to make a stackable Baby Block Cake. Baby block cakes are fairly easy to create yourself because you can just use standard 8" or 9" square cake pans and create a square layer cake.

Cut it into 4 smaller squares to make 4 small cakes that can be easily decorated to look like blocks. Use a piping bag to pipe letters and numbers on the 4 sides. See even more block cake ideas at Coolest Birthday Cakes.

Another idea is to make one gigantic block cake like the one shown in the right in the photo below by making 5 layers of cake in 9" x 9" x 2" cake pans. You can get detailed instructions on how to create the cake at Kids Birthday Party Guide.

Baby Blocks Cake Idea on Video

Baby Block Shower Games

Baby Block Shower Games

Here are just a few fun baby shower games that incorporate the blocks theme...

ABC Baby Alphabet Game - Make up game sheets on your computer with alphabet blocks or hand out blank pieces of paper where the guest's write down the A-B-C's in a long column down the left hand side of the piece of paper. Then, tell the guests that they have 2 minutes to write down a baby related term or item for each letter of the alphabet. For instance, Bottle for B. The guest that has the most letters filled in wins the game.

Baby Blocks Relay Game - Break shower guests into teams of 4 people. Give each team member a wooden block. Each team gets split so that there are 2 team members on each side of the room. The first team member takes their block and runs to meet their team member on the other side of the room. They place their block on top the 2nd team members block. The 2nd team member runs back across the room to the 3rd team member while balancing the two blocks in her hand. She places her two blocks on top the 3rd team members block who then runs across the room carrying her 3 stacked blocks in one hand. She places those 3 blocks on top of the 4th players block so that she has a stack of 4 blocks. She must run back across the room to the 'finish line'. The 1st team to get to the finish line without dropping any of the wooden blocks on their stack wins. If somewhere along the way a block falls to the floor, the team must start over. Remember the team members are not allowed to hold the blocks with both hands. They must balance them in one hand. You'll likely have 4 or 5 or more teams all running back and forth at the same time so make sure that you have plenty of space.

Baby Block Word Game - The basic premise of the game is that you split your shower guests into teams with 3 or 4 people. Give each team a set of 8 or 10 wooden blocks and see how many words each team can create using the letters on the blocks. The team with the most words wins. Be sure that you include some vowels in the block set for each team.

A to Z Name Game - Have all the guests sit in a large circle. Starting with the mom-to-be, have her say a name that starts with the letter A (to make the game more fun, make her say either or boy's name or a girl's name that starts with A based on what gender she is expecting). Then go to the next guest, who must say a name that starts with the letter B. The next guest must use the letter C. Continue around the circle until you have gone through the entire alphabet A to Z. If a guest can not come up with a name in say 10 seconds, then they are out. If you make it to letter Z with more than one person left in the game. You can either go another A to Z round or hand out multiple prizes to the winners.

Baby Block Favor Ideas

Baby Block Favor Ideas

Blue & Pink Block Favors Are Available Online

Online you can find tons of baby shower favors that have a block theme. The above photos shows just a few ideas such as baby shower candle favors that have stacks of blocks in a glittery pink or blue color scheme, silver colored photo frames or square resin frames that you can use as favors or even place card frames for more formal shower events. I also love the little baby block favor gift boxes that you can fill with your favorite candy and add a ribbon with a thank you hang tag. Another cute DIY idea is to buy clear baby blocks and fill them with bath salts for your guests. Again add a ribbon and a personalized hang tag for a one-of-a-kind shower favor.

If you are handy in the kitchen, you could consider buying over-sized block-shaped cookie cutters and making gourmet iced cookies for your guests. After you make the cut-out cookies and ice them to look like wooden blocks. Just slide them in clear cellophane bags for a cute baby block thank you presentation to your guests.

Baby Block Shower Gift Ideas

Tie The Block Theme Into Your Shower Gift!

Beyond the obvious choice of classic wooden blocks that you can buy at stores like Amazon, you can find lots of unique baby gifts that have a baby blocks motif. The photo above shows some of the many choice ranging from candy and cookie bouquets to personalized room signs. If you can sew or are crafty, these baby shower blocks are a do-it-yourself gift that mom and baby can use for years to come.

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