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Baby Bottle Shower Games

Published August 29, 2009        by Kim

20090829 Baby Bottle Shower GamesOne of the best parts of any baby shower are the baby shower games - guests love to interact and do crazy things that they wouldn't dream of doing in public!  Here are a couple of fun game ideas that incorporate your baby shower theme at the same time:

Bottles Up:  This unique shower game will have everyone rolling with laughter!  Each guest should have their own baby bottle filled with a beverage (juice, soda, etc).  Once you say "go", the guests need to chug their beverage as fast as they can - through the nipple!  The first one done with their drink is the winner.  You can purchase individual baby bottles from a store or order a six pack of bottles (as shown here) that are the perfect size for the bottles up game.

Baby Bottle Bowling: Set up 10 baby bottles just like bowling pins.  Each contestant gets 2 chances to knock down all the pins.  If someone knocks down all 10 pins, they earn a "bonus" roll.  Add up the total number of pins that each contestant knocks over and the person with the highest number wins.  Make the game more challenging by filling the bottles with liquid so they won't fall over as easily.

You can also fill up a large plastic baby bottle with jelly beans or M&M's, then have each person guess how many are in the bottle.  The person with the closest guess wins the treat!

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