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Baby Carriage Cakes

Published May 30, 2010        by Kim

A baby carriage cake may be just the finishing touch you want for your carriage-themed shower.  Whether you hire someone to make the cake or you are going to tackle it yourself, I have found a number of fun and colorful cakes for inspiration.  Many of these cakes can be done yourself, but some of the more difficult ones may require more time and patience then you have.  The most important thing to remember when making a cake is to have it taste good - and to know that your guest of honor will appreciate your effort no matter what!

carriage.cakes.1The first cake shown above was carved from an oversized sheet cake, and decorated to match the baby shower invitations.  It is covered in buttercreme, then accented with sheets of fondant.  The checkered pattern is painted with edible paint, and the flowers are made from marzipan.  This cute creation was displayed on Flickr by Retro Bakery in Las Vegas.

The center cake is a simple round design, covered in buttercreme and finished with a carriage-shaped cookie.  The edges are draped in more fondant and simply accented with green Fleur de Lis patterns.  This cake was designed by Valerie Bredow Cakes.

The bright purple and yellow cake is a fun design, brought to life by great texture work and a cute baby face peeking out of the carriage.  The cake shape is from a carriage cake pan and was done by craftycake.

carriage.cakes.2The blue carriage cake seen above and left was done with 3 round cakes, artfully arranged and cut to form a carriage.  The decorator used a fancy tip to create the buttercreme design, and sugar flowers accent the wheels and carriage base.  In my search, I found a number of cakes with this similar design, many decorators chose to use candies such as M&M's to create spokes in the carriage wheels.  I love the way creationsbyskip chose to add a handle to this carriage.

The center cake shown just above is the most difficult cake I chose to highlight in my post.  Done by a professional decorator, the layers are covered in fondant and the carriage is sculpted from  2 round cakes.  KupKake Tree used marzipan to make the teddy bear, and covered wire with gold-tinted chocolate to form the handle.

The final cake I chose to discuss is my favorite - the simple design is one I feel confident in recreating.  The cake is again crafted from 3 rounds, and most of the decorating is done with designer tips and buttercreme.  The tough part of this cake for me would be the fondant ribbon, I'm not sure I would be able to recreate the 3-dimensional affect that was achieved by purpleflourcakes.

Whether you're a novice at decorating or a semi-professional, the most important part of making a cake is the thought behind it.  Well, that and the taste!!  Don't be too critical of your decorating skills and remember that it will be eaten no matter how good or bad you think it looks.  Enjoy the process and delight in the praise you are sure to receive!

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1 thought on “Baby Carriage Cakes”

  1. Wow. These are beautiful and really fun. Hopefully they can deliver anywhere in the US. I'd love to use these for future showers that I attend.

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