Baby Feet Pitter Patter Shower

pitter patter baby feet baby shower ideas

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pitter patter baby feet baby shower ideas

Throw The Perfect Baby Footprint Showerpitter patter baby shower

Mom & Dad will soon be hearing the pitter patter of little feet so incorporate those tiny footprints into a shower theme seems like a natural choice. Planning a shower involves choosing invitations, making food and a cake, decorating, giving party favors and so much more. All those tasks can make the planning process a bit stressful.
To help reduce your stress, I've put together this article with some of my favorite ideas for baby feet themed showers. From the invitations to the baby shower food to the decorations, this lens covers it all providing photos and links to resources where you can find instructions or buy baby feet themed products.
If you've thrown a baby footprint baby shower and have some ideas to share, please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this post! I always love to hear from fellow party enthusiasts! NOTE - the pink tiny toes party kit shown in the photo is available at Shindigz.

Pitter Patter Baby Feet Invitations

Basically you have three options when it comes to baby shower invitations... buy fully personalized footprint shower invitations like those shown in the photo to the right, purchase fill-in invitations where you write-in all the shower details, or make them yourself. These options are listed in order from most to least expensive so consider your budget when making your decision about which route to take.
Custom invitations can run upwards of $2 a piece while ones that you make yourself can be less than $.50 each depending on how many people you invite to the baby shower. If you are crafty, it is fairly easy to make your own baby shower invitations with feet on them. Basically, you need some white card stock and then either pink or blue paint depending on whether the shower is for a baby girl or baby boy.
Create a layout for the invitation or postcard on your computer with the date, time, location, and other shower details leaving space to add a pair of baby feet. Once you have run the cardstock through the printer, you can stamp on a baby foot design. Many craft stores sell footprint stamps or you can put the paint on the bottom of your baby's feet (if you have a little one) and print the cards with his/her feet.
Use some clever wording on them such as "Little hands, little feet, Pure and precious, and Oh So Sweet!" or "The pitter patter of little baby feet is music to the ears and ever so sweet!"

Pitter Patter Party Supplies

baby boy baby feet showerMany companies, including Amazon, sell party-ware that incorporates a baby footprint theme. The plates, napkins, and beverage cups shown in the photo on the right are available from Party Solver. Little baby shoes cover all of the tableware.

When it comes to decoration for a footprint themed shower, consider buying a foot-shaped rubber stamp so that you can add little baby footprints to all of your shower decor. You can also use construction paper to cut-out footprints and hang them from the streamers throughout the shower area. For the centerpiece, consider a footprint themed diaper cake, a pitter patter baby gift box, or a bouquet of socks assembled to look like flowers.

Any of these items fit in perfectly with this shower theme. If you want to get all of your baby feet shower decorations and tableware in one fell swoop, consider this bundle from It includes plates, cups, napkins, balloons, tablecovers, and a banner and is available for 16 or 32 shower guests.

Baby Feet Food Ideas

You can use foot print baby cookie cutters to theme all kinds of food such as finger sandwiches, jello, and of course cookies. To create foot-shaped sandwiches, just make whatever kind of sandwich you want to serve at the shower (e.g. egg salad, chicken salad, ham, etc.) and make them using standard bread. Then use a foot-shaped cookie cutter to create the fun sandwiches.
For the jello, just make a large jellyroll pan of your favorite jello flavor. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the foot shapes (you can use peach jello for a flesh color). For fun, you could place little slivered almonds or use icing to create toenails.
Finally, baby feet cookies decorated with icing are also a great way to incorporate the foot theme. Other dessert ideas include cakes and cupcakes like those shown in the next section to incorporate the theme.

Pitter Patter Baby Feet Cake Ideas

Pitter Patter Baby Feet Cake Ideas
Images by
As shown in the photo above, the ingenious people at Wilton have come up with some truly unique ways to incorporate footprints or baby booties into cakes and cupcakes. Cupcakes are a terrific option because they are much less labor intensive and generally easier to pull-off. Get the step-by-step instructions for these Pitter Patter Cupcakes and these Baby Booties.

Baby Feet Shower Idea Video

Baby Feet Shower Game Ideas

Here are some fun baby shower games that center around the baby feet theme:
Printable Foot Trivia Game - This printable game includes common questions about feet such as How far does the average woman walk in a typical day or What is the best time of day to try on shoes? You can download and print this FREE game by clicking here.
Baby Sock Matching Game - Buy a bunch of baby socks with different patterns and textures (or use ones that you have from your kids) and throw the pairs of socks in a laundry basket or in a pile on the floor (mix them all up). Then time each of the shower guests to see how long it takes them to pair up all the socks. The guest that finishes this essential Mommy task the fastest wins the prize.
Baby Feet Puzzle Match Game - This is a great ice-breaker game to get all of your guests mingling and talking to one another. Guests are given a printed puzzle piece when the arrive and then asked to find their matches during the shower. When a guest finds all of her matches, she adds her piece to the puzzle and wins a small prize.

Baby Feet Themed Shower Party Favors

Baby Feet Themed Shower Party Favors
As you can see from the above photo, there are many options available online for baby feet themed shower favors. Items that I have seen available include baby feet themed lip balms, body butters, travel candles, baby foot-shaped soap in both pink and blue, foot-shaped baby shower frame favors and more.
If instead of buying favors, you decide to make them yourself, consider buying baby feet themed favor bags like those that Amazon sells and fill them with some little foot-shaped candy, bath-beads, pink and blue candles, or anything that you think your guests would enjoy. Tie the bag off with a matching ribbon and voila, you've got a great favor that your guests can enjoy once they head home from the party.
You can always add personalized favor tags to add an elegant and customized look to your DIY favors.

Baby Feet Themed Shower Gifts

Baby Feet Themed Shower Gifts

Baby gift baskets like the ones shown above incorporate the baby feet theme in numerous ways. First of all, gift boxes covered in pink, blue, mint green and yellow footprints are often used by merchants. Then they can fill the box with things like footprint themed cookies, foot-shaped lollipops, baby feet balloons, apparel with a pitter patter theme such as a bib, and so much more.

New baby gift baskets are an easy way to make your gift fit in with the feet theme. Another fantastic gift idea is giving a footprint keepsake kit where Mom & Dad can take the print of their own child in plaster or paint and then create a keepsake to cherish for years and years. Amazon has some great footprint keepsakes (see below).

Keepsake Footprint Kits on Amazon

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