Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

You're so excited about welcoming a new little girl into the world! There are so many happy feelings passing through your mind, looking forward to meeting her, congratulating the parents, and - wait a minute, you'll need a present!

You can't just show up empty-handed, that wouldn't be good. So what should you bring? Well I've put together a select of beautiful baby girl gift baskets to get the ball rolling! Hopefully these ideas will spark some inspiration inside of you to give a gift that everyone will love!

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Why Little Girls?

Behind the Scenes

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Growing up in a family of four sisters, you could say I'm most familiar with what is given to baby girls, what's useful for them and then of course what's not necessary.

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Plus, who can deny that little girls are oh-so-cute (okay, babies in general, I know!) So in short, this lens is simply a handful of ideas that you can take or leave! Either way, you are sure to get some good ideas out of it!

Get Some Inspiration

Baby Girl Gift BasketPersonalized Baby Basket

Cute and Practical!

I am a big fan of sending the new parents a personalized baby basket filled with cute little items that they will need.

Typically these include a mixture of customized blankets, bibs, burp cloths, bottles, toys or teddy bears, books, and more precious baby items.

I just love these personalized items because it's usually one of the first things that baby gets with her name on it. They'll cherish it forever and it's always just a sweet notion.

Do you have a creative idea for what to include in your gift basket? That's perfect! A personal touch like that is what makes a gift special. Shop around and find some items that will be meaningful to the new parents, and they're sure to enjoy your thoughtfulness along with the gift itself.

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas
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Customized Bibs & Clothing

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Uniquely in Style

Sort of piggy-backing on the personalized baskets, my next item on the list is personalized baby clothes or baby bibs. How cute would it be for the little baby girl to be wearing around her very own name on her onesie or bib, or even on a little hat? I just love it!

There are all kinds of ways to initial baby goods, and there are plenty of clothing options to choose from! Even if you're not sure what they're going to name their little one, you could always go with "Baby Anderson" or something cute that involves their family name.

If you know Mom or Dad's preference on certain types of clothing, then keep that in mind. Some parents only like to use zippered clothing, others only like buttons or snaps. Keep this in mind and maybe do a combination of each. As always, be sure to include your gift receipts just in case.

Baby Tote

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Good to Have!

Diaper bags are kind of becoming a thing of the past. No dad wants to be seen carrying around a pink flowery bag and moms have come to realize it's not always practical to carry around a purse plus a large diaper bag packed with items that baby could possibly need.

That's where these personalized bags come into play. Not only are they personalized with any name or initials, but they come in 9 different colors that neither Mom or Dad will mind.

There are tons of options out there now days too, so don't be afraid to look around and shop a bit to find the perfect fit. The parents will appreciate it, and it'll be their go-to item that they use for years!

Organic Baby Goods

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Eco-Friendly Baby Gift Options

If you've read some of my other lenses, you may have read that I'm all for being eco-friendly, and going with organic foods and goods. So when it comes to baby items, why not extend this theory and go with organic baby gifts?

Plus, babies typically have very sensitive skin so it's nice to have options of organic materials and items that won't cause irritation or rashes.

What I've pictured here is an organic diaper cake. It includes items such as organic lotions and washes, biodegradable diapers, baby soap, bath salts, relaxing room spray and more. All made from natural ingredients!

Of course, you can include whatever types of items you want into your diaper cake. That's the joy of a DIY gift, you get to go with whatever you want!

The Gift of Saving

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Get Them Started

Naturally the mom and dad will be getting all kinds of gifts from family and friends. This usually ranges anywhere from teddy bears to cash gifts. So if you want to go with a more unique route, why not help the child start saving these monetary gifts from day one?

There are neat personalized piggy banks that will do just that. Put their name on the little pig and let the savings fun begin! It's sure to be the highlight of their room for years to come.

I still have my childhood piggy bank and believe it or not, it's still in one piece! Someday, I'll put it in my child's nursery and pass it along. These types of gifts have such a great sentiment to them.

Typical Baby Gifts - Why not include these in your gift?

Fun Pink Gift Ideas

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Got the Need for Pink?

If the mom and/or baby love the color pink then there's no question, you'll need to invest in some pink gifts for the two of them. There are plenty of options out there, so how will you know which one is the one for you?

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Do your research. Is the nursery going to be pink? Then find a piece of furniture or decor for the nursery that will match perfectly. Not sure about the nursery? Then you could always go the route of the pink frilly tutu, or some beautiful pink headbands. Even an adorable and fluffy pink blanket will be welcomed when it comes to baby.

Going Pink With Girls

Just because it's a girl doesn't mean that you have to deck the halls in pink. There are plenty of other options such as yellow, purple, green, orange, and more. Be bold, explore your options!

Alternatives to Baskets

Baby Girl Gift Baskets & Ideas

Get Creative

You don't need to use a basket when creating one of these gifts. If you get creative, there are plenty of other ways to make your gift work.

Image by abbybatchelder on Flickr

Visit a thrift store and find an old popcorn tin. Wash it out with soap and hot water, then allow to dry. Spray paint with pink, yellow, white, and/or sparkles, then use to hold all your baby goodies.

Another route you could go is to use a little beverage tub. These are great for the moms to reuse in the baby's room to store diapers, toys, or just odds and ends.

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