Baby Shower Crafts - Create Onesies For The New Baby

Image courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik on Creative CommonsHere’s an idea you can use whether you want to create a personalized baby gift to give at a baby shower or if you want to include a fun craft-making session as part of a baby shower. You can decorate onesies. Onesies are those cute little baby bodysuits that snap at the bottom. You can find them at any discount store.

What you’ll need to create a decorative and personalized onesie is the following:

  • A package of soft onesies (found at discount stores in the baby section)
  • Fabric markers (found at craft stores)
  • Iron on paper (found at craft or office supply stores)
  • Baby designs (find clip art online)
  • Scissors
  • Pressing cloth or towel
  • Computer and printer
  • Iron

If you’re going to include this craft session as part of a baby shower, set up a station and include all the materials already prepared so your guests can get right to the fun.

Before the shower, find clip art of baby-themed designs or cartoons online. Type in “baby clip art” and you’ll find a number of free designs pop up. You can choose from rocking horses, bottles, pacifiers, teddy bears and more. If you know the theme the mom to be has chosen for her nursery, try to find designs that relate to it. If she’s going with an ocean theme, you could do starfish or boats or seashells.

You’re going to want to cut and paste the designs into a Word document on your computer. Simply right click on the design to save it onto your computer. Then paste it into your document. If you’re challenged on the computer, ask a tech savvy friend to help out. Chances are they’ll know how to do this easily. Once you’ve arranged all your designs in a Word document, you’re going to print them on Iron-On paper.

Insert the Iron-On paper into your computer. Be sure you face it the correct way according to the manufacturer’s directions inside the package. You should try a test run before you use the actual paper to make sure everything is aligned the way you want it. Go ahead and print your designs onto the Iron-On paper.

Cut out the individual designs and arrange them on your craft table where the guests will be making the onesie baby gifts. You’ll also want to place the fabric markers, iron, and other supplies there.

When guests arrive, you can let them help themselves to the supplies to make a onesie of their choice. All the guest have to do is iron the decal onto the onesie. (Protect the table surface with a towel or pressing cloth.) Then guests can write with fabric markers either the baby’s name or “with love from Gramma.”

Note that sequins, beads and other tiny objects should not be used as they can come loose and baby could swallow them. Also, do not use 3D puff paint for this project as it tends to dry scratchy and may not be the best surface for baby to cuddle up against.

Guests will love joining in on this project and the resulting onesies will be a delight for the mom to be.

If you are doing this project as a gift for a baby shower you will be attending, you can roll your finished onesies into a bouquet and tie them together with string. Present them as a bouquet with your gift card.

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