The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Ideas Guide

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

baby shower gift idea

Baby showers are fun and full of promise. Excitement is fairly electric in the air for the mother-to-be and her new child. This expectant mother and her child are on the cusp of a new chapter in their life, and the baby shower is the celebration of their moment. Showers are a wonderful way to show this mother how much she is cared for and loved, and how much you are there to support her. With games, cake, cute decorations, and presents, these showers hold fun for all. However, if you have received a baby shower invitation, you may be wondering what the best gift would be for this occasion. If you aren’t sure what to purchase other than an item from the registry, we have a few unique baby shower gift ideas for you!

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Unknown Gender

Gender neutral baby shower gifts

If the parents-to-be haven’t announced the gender of their child, it can be difficult to know whats the best baby shower gifts for unknown genders. Most baby sections at the store are categorized into either blues or pinks, clearly boy-themed or clearly girl-themed, and any other choices are very limited. You know most of the shower is going to be full of yellow, general gifts, and so how do you find something that stands out? The first thing that comes to mind is anything animal-related. As long as it isn’t clearly blue or pink, it can easily work for either gender and will be appreciated as such. For instance, we love this elephant three-piece bath set and this jungle-themed welcome wagon! Another fun idea for a gender-neutral gift could be a book gift set, such as this Dr. Seuss gift basket.

Gift Ideas for Big Brother at Baby Shower

big brother baby shower gift ideas

Perhaps it isn’t this mother’s first child, and you want to make sure the big brother doesn’t get left out. It can be difficult for a first child to adjust to another sibling, especially when they are still quite young and don’t fully understand what is happening. This little boy will be seeing all the new toys and presents and it may be hard for him to realize that they are for his new sibling instead of himself. To help with the transition, it may be quite nice to include a present for him. Some great gift ideas for big brother at baby shower could be a little gift basket or gift wagon, including a few things such as a “#1 Big Brother” T-shirt, a few favorite snacks (perhaps Goldfish or Oreos), and age-appropriate games, puzzles, and toys. You could even include a Nerf football, soccer ball, or basketball if this little boy is interested in sports, or perhaps a mini-toolbelt for fun.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for First Time Mom

baby shower gifts for first time moms

If this baby shower is for a first-time mom, you might feel more pressure to give her something helpful, practical, and enjoyable. Unless she’s a best friend or sister, it’s not very likely that you’ll have a great idea of what she already owns or what she needs. It’s always a good idea to start by browsing her registry to get a feel for what she’s wanting. When considering a baby shower gift, you may want to note that while onesies are some of the best baby outfits, this mother is going to be overloaded with them. She will be given plenty from other people, so try to purchase something else.

For example, babies create lots of laundry so you could purchase a laundry basket as a gift-holder. You can fill the basket with any other gifts, and anything practical will be appreciated by this first-time mom. A few of our ideas are pocket bibs, portable placemats, a nursing pillow, a silicone baby teether, and scratch mittens. For a lovely keepsake, you could also consider gifting a baby photo album for her to store the memories to come.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Boy

baby boy baby shower gift ideas

Is this baby shower specifically for a boy? Presents for boys are some of the best and easiest because they are full of fun! You could give clothing with dinosaur, tractor, farm animal, or hunting themes, depending on the preferences of the parents. We love these adorable dinosaur socks, for instance. Some fun baby shower gift ideas for a boy would be safe baby toys or stuffed animals, or safari-themed decor for the baby’s nursery. Additionally, you could always give a fun boy-themed gift basket, especially if it is personalized! Customization will help this gift feel like it was made just for the baby boy and can mean a lot to the mother as well. Personalization is sweet and shows the extra effort you put into the gift.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Second Child

baby shower gifts for second child

If this baby shower is for a second child, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind when buying a gift. First, this child is likely to receive a lot of hand-me-downs so it may be nice to give a few basic things that this mother may already have. These new items can help the pregnancy feel fresh and exciting again, just as her first pregnancy did. For instance, perhaps consider personalized bibs, towels, onesies, or burp cloths. Second, if the gift is an item this child can use later on, it may be a nice touch for them to feel like it’s something specifically for them instead of originally given to their older sibling. We like the idea of this Noah’s Ark coin bank, a personalized growth chart, or a personalized blanket for snuggling.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas for a Girl

baby gift baby shower gifts

Is there anything sweeter than a baby shower for a baby girl? These showers will often be filled with all things pink, frilly, delicate, and precious. While this baby girl may indeed grow up to despise the color pink, the tradition continues regardless, creating a magical fairyland of soft and pretty tones for these baby showers. The odds are high that it won’t be difficult to find pink clothing for a baby girl, which means that there will likely be an abundance of such items at the shower. To avoid overloading this mother with the same type of gift, perhaps consider something different. We love the idea of this unicorn coin bank or even this princess crown coin bank. These types of gifts are not only cute, but they are practical and this little girl can grow up using it. Another sweet idea could be a classic and timeless rocking horse!

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Twins

Baby shower gifts for twins

Twins are double the fun! When baby showers are for a mother expecting twins, they are even more filled with excitement than usual. Though twins can be intimidating, they are also always exciting to anticipate for everyone around. It’s a rare enough occurrence to merit the additional excitement! However, many people make simple mistakes when it comes to giving to twins. As most twins can attest to, far too often they are only given one gift to share even on their birthdays or Christmas. That said, if you choose to give clothing, be sure to include a set or pair for each baby. The same concept applies to toys, bath gifts, books, and so on. Some of our favorite gifts for twins are these lamb snuggle blankets, as well as twins’ gift baskets, such as this “Double the Love” personalized welcome wagon!

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Best baby shower gifts

If you’re still unsure about what to give at the baby shower, that’s completely understandable. It can be hard to find the right gift! To help, we have three more ideas that would make excellent baby shower presents. They are cute and helpful, and are sure to make an impact on this expectant mother!

To start, we absolutely adore this keepsake blanket and footprint picture frame! There’s hardly anything more precious than a keepsake footprint mold, and that’s exactly what we love about this treasure. The mother can cherish her sweet baby’s size with the side-by-side footprint and photo. The blanket is another adorable touch with her baby’s personalized name and date of birth. Our second idea is a personalized nap mat. How often have mothers been out and about and need to put their babies down for a nap, but lacked a clean or comfortable area? Even blankets can seem a little too thin at times, and that’s what this nap mat solves. Lastly, a gift such as this “Made to Order” pizza gift basket is not only cute but thoughtful. This gift basket comes with a number of high-quality layette pieces, for example, a hooded bath towel, a personalized bib, a changing pad, and more.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Best Friend

Baby shower gift for friends

Finally, if the expectant mother is your best friend, it’s extremely likely you won’t stop until you find the absolutely perfect gift. As best friends, perhaps you’re even the one throwing the shower! Considering she is your best friend, you’re possibly ready to drop a few more dollars on her baby shower gift than you would for anyone else’s baby shower. If that’s the case, we have a few great suggestions for you!

Your best friend would probably fall in love with a hook-on high chair for saving space and easy portability. Another helpful idea would be an on-the-go changing mat, a classy diaper bag, or diaper bag organizers. Additionally, since this mother is your best friend, you’ll want to make sure she takes care of herself. A luxurious spa gift basket would be infinitely appreciated, as well as perhaps a gift card for a massage or to her preferred salon.

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