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Baby Shower Ideas

Published February 05, 2008        by Nicole

Although the origin of the modern baby shower is unknown, there is evidence that the ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and the Romans, often bestowed gifts upon the newborn or presented the parents with handmade gifts after the child was born. Baby showers as we know them today didn’t become popular until after World War 2. Baby showers today are a fun and exciting way for friends and family to celebrate the arrival of the new baby and help the mommy and daddy-to-be get prepared. If you are considering planning a shower for a friend or relative there are many things that you can do to make it a memorable celebration.

Traditionally it was unacceptable for a family member to throw the shower because it was viewed as the family asking for gifts, however over time this rule has been relaxed and it is perfectly acceptable for anyone be it friend, co-worker or relative, to throw a baby shower and for them to bring baby gifts.

When planning the shower be sure to check with the expectant parents to find a time that is convenient for them and let them make the guest list. Find out if they are registered at a store or what specific baby items they still need. It is important that you mail the invitations at least 3-4 weeks before the party date, so guest are more likely to have an open schedule.

A theme is a fun part of any shower. Baby shower themes may be as simple as what character is on the plates and napkins or much more elaborate. Take into consideration the mothers interests when planning the theme, some mothers would be happy with a very formal tea and brunch while others would enjoy something a little more casual. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started.

Baby IQ Party

Center this party on learning. You could decorate in red, black, and white (colors thought to stimulate the baby’s vision) or with an alphabet, nursery rhyme or book theme. Serve foods that start with letters of the alphabet and put cute alphabet blocks by each food. Play word games. List scrambled words related to pregnancy, labor, and babies and see who can unscramble them first. Play bingo with baby words. List both parents’ names and see how many baby names people can make out of the letters. Pick lines from nursery rhymes and see who can name the nursery rhyme. Bonus points if they can say the whole thing. Gifts could be as simple as everyone bringing a book or learning video. If you want to get more complicated assign guests with a letter of the alphabet and have them bring a gift that coincides with that letter.

Pamper Mommy Shower

This shower is great for an expectant mother who already has children. Sometimes pregnancy can make you feel like your whole life has become about the baby. Mothers already sacrifice a lot of things that they might have done before to pamper themselves when they have children so this is a great way to remind them they deserve some attention too. Serve the mothers absolute favorite foods; if she loves chocolate base the party around chocolate. Gifts could include scented candles, spa certificates, robes, gowns, jewelry, baskets full or items to make mommy feel great, or any item that is designed to bring comfort and happiness. Instead of the usual baby shower games, plan to have a make up consultant come and give a makeover, or arrange for at home spa services such as manicures and facials. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, anything to make her feel special.

Around the Clock Shower

This is a cute way to celebrate the everyday rituals that the mommy is going to be responsible for once the baby is born. Assign each guest with a time of the day and have him or her bring a gift that will be appropriate for that time. Gifts could include breakfast or lunchtime feeding items such as a cute set of plates, cups, bottles, etc. Nap time baby blankets, pillows, bassinets, or stuffed animals and bedtime story books or night-lights. Play games that are centered on the baby’s daily routine. Get a true-to-life size baby doll, a receiving blanket, a cloth diaper, and a baby shirt. Give each guest the doll and all the clothing, and see how fast each person can put all the clothes on the baby, finishing with swaddling the baby in the blanket. Whoever dresses the baby the fastest wins a prize. Have a baby food taste test, get jars of baby food, remove labels or cover with tape; number each jar. Give each guest a pen, a piece of paper, and a paper plate. Pass the jars of baby food around and ask the guests to place a little of each on their plate. Then ask them to taste each food and name it according to its corresponding number on the jar. The guest with the most correct answers wins their choice of special baby shower favors (and we bet it’s a person with kids!).

So what are you waiting for! Start planning a baby shower for the mommy-to-be in your life and have fun!

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