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Baby Shower Playlist: What to Put on Your Baby Song Mix

Published May 07, 2013        by Sarah

It doesn't matter what your baby shower theme is, no baby shower would be complete without some seriously good music, but how do you know what to load to your phone or iPod before the big event? You’ll want to think young for this one, and there are thousands of songs that use “baby,” in the title. This quick guide may spark some ideas.

Classic Choices

Baby Love by the Supremes – This one easily makes the top of almost every baby shower playlist because the lyrics are not only so classically fitting, but so well-known as well. “Baby love,” the song says, “My baby love, oh how I need you.” The reality, though, is that not all the lyrics fit in well because the song goes on to talk about how badly her “baby love” treats her. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be on your play list, though, because the title fits so well, and all of your guests are certain to be singing along to the chorus.

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong – While this one isn’t quite as popularly known as Baby Love, it certainly isn’t a stranger, either. Luckily, this song fits a bit better with your sentiments at a baby shower. “I see skies of blue/clouds of white/Bright blessed days/dark sacred nights/And I think to myself/what a wonderful world.” There have been many, many remakes of this song, but the Louis Armstrong version remains the definitive one and the one you’ll certainly want on your baby shower playlist.

Be My Baby by the Ronettes – “The night we met I knew I needed you so,” perfectly defines how Mommy feels that first time she meets baby, so this one should certainly make it to your playlist. Add that to the catchy chorus that will stay in your head for days, and you have a winner for any baby shower.

Ooh Child by the Five Stair Steps – Raising a baby isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do, and babies aren’t all born with perfect timing. That makes this addition to your playlist ideal in some situations. “Ooh child/Things are gonna get easier/Ooh child, things’ll get brighter,” may help explain the mother’s sentiments perfectly as she awaits her little one.

Contemporary Selections

You’re Just a Baby by Belle & Sebastian – Like many other songs with “baby” in the title, this one fits in name only, but it’s such a good song, no one at the shower is likely to mind. “You’re just a baby, baby girl/So kiss me on the cheek and then go off to school.” With plenty of hidden meanings, but some serious attitude, this can be an excellent choice for your playlist.

Gracie by Ben Folds – Actually written for his baby girl, this Ben Folds selection is likely to bring a tear to any parent’s eye. “You can’t fool me, I saw you when you came out/You got your momma’s taste, but you got my mouth.” It so defines how quickly our children grow and how happy we are to have them around. It’s a must-add to the playlist.

Baby Mine by Bette Midler – A true classic for any baby shower, this expresses so many sentiments parents often feel. “Little one, when you play/pay no heed what they say./Let your eyes sparkle and shine,/never to tear, baby of mine.” It’s one everyone at the shower will enjoy hearing.

Lullaby by the Dixie Chicks – It’s hard to tell exactly who the singer is talking to in this song, but it fits in with the baby theme perfect. “How long do you want to be loved/Is forever enough/Cause I’m never, never giving you up.” Almost every Mom can relate to that sentiment, making it ideal for your playlist.

There are so many songs that use the word “baby” and talk about undying love, and so much of that is perfect when you’re planning for a baby shower. Pick your favorites, and add them to the playlist to help delight both Mommy and guests.

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