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Image by bradleypjohnson on FlickrThe odds of having triplets through natural conception are 1 in 10,000. If one undergoes in-vitro fertilization, the odds are about 2 in 100 of having triplets.

In either case, these triple blessings are rare and certainly cause for celebration.  And cause for worry, and anxiety, and some financial planning!  A blessing to be sure, but carrying and caring for three babies can also be overwhelming to parents, whether or not they have other children.

Here are some ideas for triplet baby gifts to make life a bit easier for everyone.

Group Gift Ideas

  • Triple Decker Stroller.  Whether parents want to take a quick walk around the block to soothe fussy babies or they need help getting from the car to the house, a triple stroller is a tremendous help.  There are different styles, ranging from three seats in a row going back to three seats in a row across, and they can be very expensive. This is a great gift for a group of friends to chip in on together; it will be much appreciated and much used.
  • Housekeeping Service.  Having one baby and a clean house is often mutually exclusive. Having three…forget about it!  Friends can pool resources and offer a month/two/etc. of housekeeping services for the new parents.
  • Meal Service.  Likewise, preparing healthy meals is difficult with new babies.  Either have everyone create a freezer dish that can be thawed and heated or subscribe the parents to a meal delivery service. This is becoming more and more common, especially in larger cities.

The Essentials

  • Diapering supplies.  It may not be exciting, but this is one gift that you can be assured will be used continually. Some triplet moms say they’ve had diaper showers and were thrilled.  If you do this, make sure to include a range of sizes so the parents can go a few months without buying diapers. Include wipes and diaper cream as well. If you want to make it into a baby diaper cake, more power to you!
  • Clothing (especially onesies and sleeping sacks).  Feeding time, new onesie. Spit up, new onesie. Going out, new onesie. Triplets go through clothing quickly. Help mom and dad keep up with multiples of basic essentials.
  • Teethers and stroller toys.  These are wonderful for developing skills – and keeping babies occupied and happy for a few minutes while mom sits down and takes a rest.
  • Feeding supplies.  Whether the parents are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, help make it easier by supplying them with the essentials: bottles, breast pumps, formula (make sure to ask what kind/brand first), bottle cleaners, hands-free cleaners, and more will be appreciated.

Always Good

  • Gift cards (Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, Amazon, etc.).  This way, parents can run to the store and get what they need when they need it, and if they can’t “run” to the store like they used to, they can always order online.
  • Swing(s).  A baby swing is like having another pair of hands. When a baby is fussy and needs rocking, this may do the trick. If not, it can do the trick for a calm baby who is content to swing and look around while mom tends to the other child(ren). It is great when cooking meals, cleaning up, doing chores, or just taking a break!  One is wonderful; two is better; and three would be a dream for parents. Again, this can be divided amongst friends for a large gift.
  • Play mat(s).  Play mats are great for developing skills and entertaining baby.  Again, one or two mats is great because the babies can play on them together or at separate times.

Fun and Play

  • Three peas in a pod/Tic Tac Toe… Look for a few triplet-themed clothing options. These are fun for getting dressed up and celebrating their “multiple” status!
  • Something for big bro/sis.  If the triplets are joining an older sibling, the big brother or sister is likely to feel overwhelmed. Give them some much-needed, much-deserved attention with a gift of their own.

Triplets are an incredible gift – and one that requires a lot of help from friends and family!

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