Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

Image by babasteve on FlickrThere’s so much magic around Christmas. And when it’s baby’s first Christmas, it’s an even more sentimental and special time of the year. If you want to give baby a special gift to commemorate her first December 25th, get creative and look for items that are both adorable and fun.

A Santa Suit

Nothing in the world is more adorable than a baby in a Santa suit. If it says “Baby’s First Christmas” on it, so much the better. A Santa hat, red pants, or skirt and a top trimmed in white fuzz are festive and fun on the littlest guests. Add some cute booties, and you’ve got yourself a gift.


Christmas pajamas come in every design from reindeer suit to little elf feet pjs. Gift baby with a few sets she can wear through the winter holidays. Get a few in slightly bigger sizes so she can wear them as she grows. Try to avoid ones with bows and sequins that can fall off in the wash and opt for screen-printed or embroidered designs.

Image by wfyurasko on FlickrOrnaments

Step into any store that sells ornaments and you’ll be bombarded with “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. Make your way through the choices with an eye towards finding the cutest and best quality one they have. After all, you want it to last through the years. Most will come with a date already printed on it, but if yours doesn’t have the year, take a permanent marker and write the date on the bottom.

A Stocking

Chances are, they don’t have their own baby christmas stocking yet. Embroider one or purchase a ready-made one with her name on it. Choose a design that’s needlepointed for lasting heirloom appeal. Fill it with baby toys for a complete gift.

Lullabies of the Season

Get baby started listening to Christmas music by purchasing CDs of holiday music. There are collections made just for baby’s delicate ear. Or you can make a recording for baby of downloads of your favorite Christmas tunes from iTunes. If baby doesn’t have a CD player in her room, choose a model that’s made for babies so she can use it now in her nursery and later when she’s able to push buttons herself.

A Handprint Kit

Many keepsake kits come with plaster of Paris mix so you can make a print of baby’s tiny hand. Some use baby-safe gel. You can either give the kit as a gift or make the print for the new mom and dad to commemorate their first Christmas with their new bundle of joy. Some kits allow you to make handprints or footprints in ink or as castings. There’s even a kit with several tins that lets you take baby’s handprint several times as she grows. Check out what’s available and choose the one that looks best to you.

Personalized Toys

Any personalized baby toy will be a hit as baby learns to recognize and spell her name. Personalized kids furniture with her name on it will come in handy after she learns to walk. Wooden letters in the form of a train are fun for new walkers to pull as they toddle.  You might choose purely decorative items with baby’s name for the nursery such as plaques that detail what baby’s name means.

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