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Beautiful Barnyard Baby Shower Cakes

Published February 18, 2010        by Kim

I had a lot of fun searching for my favorite barnyard baby shower cakes at  The animals are so cute and the decorating is flawless!  Whether you order a cake or use one of these cakes for inspiration to create your own design, it will be a great addition to your farm-themed baby shower.


The first cake pictured is a creation by abbymoakler.  She used baby shower bedding as her inspiration, and copied the squares in fondant.  The two layer cake is also covered in fondant and and the bow on top of the cake is also colored fondant.  If you aren't as talented as this cake artist, you could use farm animal toys in place of the edible animals.  The second cake seems to be something that I could re-create.  The single layer cake is covered with buttercreme frosting, then topped with a graham-cracker barn, pathway made of crushed graham crackers and hand crafted edible animals (I would have to use the toy animals instead!).  This colorful and cute design was made by sarahscakes.


The adorable cupcakes shown above were created by Angelina Cupcake.  The green grass background was created by piping buttercreme frosting over the cupcakes.  They were then topped with a fondant animal heads.  These cupcakes would be perfect to scatter around your barnyard-themed banquet table.


The design on the left uses a combination of cake and cupcakes, fondant and buttercreme decorating.  The cake part sits atop a 3-tier pedestal and is covered with ornate piping on a light green buttercreme base.  The fondant animals are spectacular!  The cupcakes on the lower two tiers alternate with the same light green frosting and a milk chocolate frosting.  They also have finely crafted details, down to the blue butterfly on the pig cupcake.  This excellent display of edible art comes from jdesmeules.  The cake on the right would work perfectly for a barnyard themed shower or a farm animals baby shower.  The three tiers are alternately covered with white and pink fondant, then decorated with relatively simple cutout decorations and whipped cream sheep.  Once again, the design was inspired by baby bedding.  The cake could be easily transformed for a boy or gender-neutral shower, simply substitute the pink accents with blue, green or yellow.  This design was created by Lecake.

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