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Best Baby Shower

Published February 06, 2008        by Nicole

I can’t thank my family enough for throwing me a beautiful baby shower. They went all out - the pink and blue cake, homemade food, plates and napkins with baby buggies on them, the favors, the diaper cake, the surprise - the whole nine yards. My little girl has all pink dresses and rompers, purple bedding, fleece blankets in every sweet pastel color and enough plush toys to carry her through toddler hood.

But, it was my office friends, the ones who threw me the "clean-up" baby shower, that I really need to thank. You know what a "clean-up" shower is - it’s the second baby shower, the one your "work" friends throw. They are never sure what to buy because your registry has been purchased, and you keep assuring them you have everything you could possibly need.

Well, that’s what you think!

My friends at the office decided to throw a theme shower. The theme was entitled "Books and Butts." Invitations were simply sent out via email with the poetic request that all gifts fit the theme. All of my presents were geared at keeping baby’s butt clean and dry and keeping Mommy sane with books for Daddy and baby to share!Granted, opening presents didn’t have the same "WOW" factor, and I would later find writing thank you notes to be a bit monotonous, but each gift presentation came with advice from seasoned professionals.

Each mom in the room offered her opinion as to the best diaper brand, the most economical baby wash or which story to read when my not-yet-born turns three and asks how babies are made!My beautiful little girl is now 7 weeks old, and I have yet to buy a pack of diapers. Thanks to my friends, I know what brand works best for my little one’s bottom, after trying out every brand offered. Thanks to my friends, my husband has yet to make a midnight run for baby wipes. Thanks to my friends, I fear no diaper rash, and thanks to my friends, my little one has a baby's first library that rivals her Mommy’s.My friend, the one who threw me the baby shower, is now pregnant for the first time with her own little one, and I can’t wait to return the favor. Now, a seasoned mom myself, I will send an email around the office, gather my advice, buy her my idea of the best brand of diapers on the market and be ready to tell her exactly why they are so. I will give her the best titles in baby books and smile knowing that whether she realizes it or not, this is the best baby shower anyone could ever have!