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best cheese and wine gifts
With December just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the best cheese gift baskets. Even if it's not the holidays, we love cheese year-round!  Shopping for  family members is often difficult and frustrating but with the cheese gift baskets listed in the article below, your holiday shopping is going to be easy and stress-free!
Below we'll discuss each of the baskets on our top five list, along with ideas as to who might enjoy them the most. Scroll down for our best gift basket ideas, as well as how to gift them!

Our top six cheese gifts this year:

  • Cheese and Wine
  • Wisconsin Cheese
  • Cheese and Fruit
  • Artisanal Cheeses
  • Cheese Around the World
  • Nuts and Cheese

Cheese and Wine

best cheese and wine gifts

Cheese and Wine baskets are one of our best gift basket ideas for the wine lovers in your life, especially for couples. These baskets can come one of two ways, and you can choose which basket is best for the specific Wine Connoisseur on your list. The first option is a bottle of wine (often chardonnay) and a generous helping of cheese and water crackers. This basket is the perfect recipe for a romantic night in and is a great option for a couple looking to ring in the new years in style.

A second option is a basket with no wine, but enough accompaniments for a bottle of wine. It's an excellent starter pack for a couple to have their own personal wine tasting and comes with pairings like olives, crackers and mustard, summer sausage and cheese, and California almonds. These baskets give a wonderful taste of the Napa Valley and go great with a California wine.

Wisconsin Cheese

wisconsin cheese gift
Wisconson Cheese baskets and boards are some of the most versatile gift baskets since the mild flavors appeal to so many cheese lovers, and even to kids with very little cheese and sausage experience. The mild summer sausages are a hit with even the pickiest of eaters, and the cheddar cheese with crackers is an American delight that will make anyone nostalgic for holidays at home.

With so much crowd appeal, this is an excellent cheese gift for the entertainers in your life, since popping this board out at their next bash will be sure to make their guests satisfied indeed. Wisconsin Cheese baskets often come with a complementary knife and cutting board as well, making them perfect for the young adult or college graduate who might not have all the kitchen essentials yet.

Cheese and Fruit

cheese and fruit gifts
Cheese and Fruit is one of the most popular pairings, and for good reason. Crisp sweet fruit and mild salty cheese are one of the best pairings to nibble on, and they provide an excellent contrast to the variety of rich foods available around the holidays. The baskets usually feature fresh pears or apples, since their crisp sweetness is a great contrast to rich creamy jack cheese, or to traditional cheddar.

Mangoes and oranges are often included, to cleanse the palette as well as infuse a bit of tart into holiday palettes that are often overly sweet. The baskets also include sausage and crackers for a bit of salt, and sometimes a bit of chocolate or almonds as well, for light snacking before the main meal is served.

These fruit and cheese baskets are great gifts for the nibblers in your family, as well as anyone trying to eat a little lighter this holiday season.

Artisinal Cheeses

artisanal cheese gift

Artisanal Cheese gifts are for the serious cheese eaters in your life. With their rich flavors, these cheeses aren't for the faint of heart. However, the gifts themselves provide a wonderful amount of variety. Since Artisanal cheese is becoming more and more popular, these baskets allow you a great amount of freedom to choose the perfect gift, according to your giftee's taste.

For someone who might like to try a less traditional cheese, artisanal cheeses can be made using different kinds of milk, like goats or sheep, lending a variety of different flavors to the basket. They can also just focus on one country or region, like a USA box, or a Greek box. This is great if there's a particular flavor or type of cheese that they like especially, that might be hard to get at their local grocery store or cheese counter.

These artisanal baskets will help the cheese lover in your life discover new flavors, and perfect their pairing skills. For those who might have expressed boredom with their current cheese habits, there are variety packs to help them discover something new.

Cheese around the World

"Around the World" cheese gifts are one of the best cheese gift baskets for the foodies in your life. These baskets are a great way to try a new cheese and discover new pairings, as well as experiencing a different culture that you might not know much about. These Around the world gifts can focus on a particular culture that they might want to learn more about, like Italy or France, or they can provide a sampler of some of the greatest snacks from each country in a region, like Europe.

If you know someone who has a particular country that they're interested in, or their family is from, then you can get them a basket with all of the best things from that region. A basket of Irish cheddars or a Tuscany basket with all of the flavors of Italy are sure to be a big hit. For the more adventurous, the "Around the Globe" baskets are a perfect gift for a seasoned traveler or an aspiring one, with a taste of something from each country, like French cheese, English candy, and Italian Salami.

Nuts and Cheese

cheese gifts

Nuts and cheese is a classic pairing that's always a hit with a snacker in your life. The pairing of rich cheese and sausage, along with the salt from the nuts makes this a great cheese gift basket to curl up on the couch and watch the big game, or just stay warm in the chilly winter months.

These baskets come with either cheese rounds or spread to pair with crackers, as well as sausage and nuts to round out the flavor profile. There are also salty snacks like olives and mustard to pair with some of the milder flavors. This basket is perfect for anyone who has traditional American tastes but wants to break up their snacking game a little bit, with the inclusion of some different additions, like the nuts or mustards. This little bit of variety will keep the sausage from being too rich, while still providing a nice homey snack for the TV lover in your life.

We hope this list will provide you with everything you need to make gift giving this holiday a breeze! Be sure to match up our best cheese gift baskets with the entertainers, travelers, foodies, romantics and snackers in your life, and let us know how we did with our categories.

Can you think of other types of cheese lovers we may have missed? Let us know if someone in your family doesn't fit any of these cheese lover categories!

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