The 14 Best Gift Ideas for Expecting Mothers

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Expecting a little one is an exciting time. It is also a time where mothers-to-be need the most support. With so many changes in their lives occurring suddenly, a thoughtful gift could be just the thing mom needs. What are the best gift ideas for expecting mothers?

A gift for a mom to me is a thoughtful sentiment that shows them you are there for them during this gigantic change in their life. From gift ideas for expecting mothers from husband to pregnancy gifts for first-time moms, there are suggestions out there to fit every new situation. Here are just a couple of gift ideas for expecting mothers to help you celebrate the next phase of life.

Top Gifts for Newly Pregnant Moms

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

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One of the best maternity gifts is the book that tells it all. Any new mama will benefit from having the guide that tells them what they should be looking out for as their pregnancy progresses.

Candle Tin

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As far as gift ideas for expectant mothers go, candle tins are always one that should be at the top of your giving list. Stress-relieving candles will help mom find comfort and peace during those long days.

Spa Gift Card

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One of the most comforting gifts for moms to be is a gift card to a day of rest and relaxation. With a little one coming, time to pamper herself is going to grow scarce, help her unwind while she still can.

Towels and Blankets

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Nothing says comfort quite like a blanket or towel that is just for the expectant mother. As far as gift ideas for expectant mothers go, having a nice warm blanket to settle down with can be a comforting sensation.

Soft Slippers

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Another one of those great moms to be gift ideas? Slippers. Allow her to give her feet a rest from tight and constricting shoes by walking on the equivalent of pillows. They could make great gifts for the newly pregnant friends.

Pair of Compression Socks

compression socks
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Still can't figure out those gift ideas for expecting mothers? Compression socks may sound silly, but mom will thank you for them. They will help that mom to be to avoid unnecessary swelling as her pregnancy continues.

Caffeine-free Herbal Tea

caffeine free tea
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As far as early pregnancy gifts go, caffeine-free herbal tea is one that both mom and baby will thank you for. Caffeine happens to be a no-no during pregnancy and for that mom who's used to relying on it dropping it can be difficult. This way, your mom friend can accept the loss of caffeine while she grows her baby.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

How do you know what to bring to that shower to celebrate mom and baby? When there are so many options out there, a bit of direction can be a huge help. Here are some great gift ideas for expecting mothers.

Personalized Hot Cocoa Packets

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Hot cocoa can be a sweet alternative for that mom who misses her daily coffee. There is an adorable option to satisfy her craving. As far as maternity gifts go, this is one that the whole family can enjoy.

Crystal Baby Carriage Favor

crystal baby carriage favors
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These sweet baby carriages can be displayed right through the baby's lifetime. If you're looking for moms to be gift ideas, this is one that will be treasured and displayed for years. No need for one that will be outgrown.

Hatch Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt and pepper shakers
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If you've been having a difficult time with mom to be gifts, why not think about these delicate little salt and pepper shakers? They are items that the family can hold onto instead of tossing away when the child outgrows it.

Bottle Opener

personalized bottle openers
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Fun little gift ideas for expecting mothers that reminds them that soon they can resume previous activities are bottle openers. While they can't have alcohol during pregnancy, these bottle openers remind them that when the wait is over their favorite drink will be waiting.

Personalized Mint Tins

personalized mint tins
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A fun personalized mint tin that commemorates the shower date is early pregnancy gifts that mom can always hold onto. These types of gifts for moms to be are a reminder of the friendships she's hand along the way to help her with the arrival of her little one.

Candy Bags

candy bags
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If there's one other great thing about pregnancy, it's being able to indulge for two. One of those great gifts ideas for expecting mothers is a candy bag full of all of her favorite things.

Mini Mirrors

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Before mom has a brand new baby to look at she's going to be taking the time to look at her own face. Get her a mini mirror that has her due date on it, so that she can always remember what it felt like to be days away from welcoming her little one. This could be one of the best pregnancy gifts for first-time moms.

Gift Baskets for Expecting Moms

Another great way to show your appreciation for that soon to be mama is to give them a gift basket.

Chocolate Lover’s Basket

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The chocolate lovers basket will give her sweet tooth a satisfying helping of her favorite chocolate. It is one of the great gift ideas for expecting mothers.

Thinking of You Gift Basket

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Another great gift idea for that mom to be is thinking-of-you basket, one that comes with a book and other trinkets that will help mom to relax and enjoy some of this crazy and chaotic time.

Shades of Lavender Serene Spa Gift Set

spa gift set
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While a spa day may sound great, it isn't in everyone's giving budget. If you want to pamper mom without the bill that comes along with it, a spa gift set can give her the illusion that she is spending her time being fully pampered at the spa. This could be just what she needs after a long day of dealing with her pregnancy symptoms.

From gifts for a newly pregnant friend and coworkers, to gift ideas for expecting mothers from husband, there are dozens of options out there to show that mom to be that you appreciate them and that you are there for all of the milestones they will be achieved in the next few months and years.

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