Best Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

Best Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

Best Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

Getting to Know You

There is nothing more precious than a new baby. When one enters your life, you'll want to find a gift that is very personal, adorable, and affordable.

You don't want to just grab any old thing off a store shelf. You'll want to make it personal and unique that no one else would be giving him/her.

So, what are some of the hottest personalized baby gifts out there? Read on and find out.


Engraved Silver Cup & SpoonSilver Baby Cup and Spoon

Timeless and Regal

Silver or pewter baby cups are still an elegant and thoughtful way to give a personal baby gift. They've never gone out of style because they are timeless and classic.

There's something so sweet about a new baby having their own cup and spoon monogrammed with their name. You can go pricey with a Tiffany's version, or you can find them in jewelry stores and online. Most places will engrave them for you quickly.  The set shown to the right even includes a fork with a little bling on the bows .... adorable!


The Layette Set

Cutest Baby Out There

Personalized Baby Layette Set

Baby's going to be changed many times a day, so why not ensure she's the best-dressed girl on the block? A personalized layette set will usually come with a bib, romper, booties, and blanket. The one shown to the right was designed for baby's trip home from the hospital and for many more that she will take as an infant.

And now, you can find them cleverly rolled up as baby bouquets. You can now order a layette that actually looks like a bouquet of flowers but it's made entirely of baby clothes. They also do diapers to look like a cake. Very cute.



Give Them Security & Personality

Another great gift to give to a little one is a brand new baby blanket.

Personalized Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are some of the most cherished items that a baby receives.

These days, blankets come in such lush fibers that they are perfect against baby's precious little skin.

You can choose microfiber, fleece, wool or cotton, but be sure to have baby's name embroidered so she can keep it forever.


Room Decor

Jazz it Up

It's always nice to give something that can hang in the nursery and in their room for years to come.

Whether it's a door plaque in an adorable shape like an elephant or monkey, or personalized room signs that bears their name and its meaning, it's going to be just lovely.

Personalized Room SignYou can also find nursery furniture baby can grow with like a personalized mini table and chair set. The sky is the limit, they'll love whatever you pick out for their little one!


On the Day You Were Born

Making History

You can order (or do it yourself) a framed copy of a newspaper from the day baby was born or when her birth announcement was printed. You can include her name in scrapbooking letters along the frame or make an entire scrapbook page out of it. Baby will love to look back and see what was going on the day she was born.


Decorative Birth PlateDecorative Plates

Unique & Pretty

You can either paint one yourself at a paint-your-own pottery place or you can order personalized plates for baby. Either one is a fun choice and is so personalized, that they'll never forget who gave it to them.

You may also have the option to paint your plate or actually create a piece of pottery. Both options are great fun and will be well received for sure!

The handmade plates are darling and can be hung on the wall or actually used as baby grows up. When they kids grow older, it'll be a nice memento to show their children!


Baby Welcome Wagon

A Welcome Wagon

Riding in Style

This is one you can either do yourself easily, or purchase. Fill a little red wagon from a toy or hardware store with a themed collection. Choose anything from puppies to Dr. Seuss.

Include books, clothing, diapers, bottles baby blankets and stuffed animals that feature the theme. Then have baby's name stenciled on or apply it with stick-on letters.

A very cute idea that can be done so many different ways. You can wrap it in large sheets of basket cellophane, or give it as is for special baby wagons.


Piggy Bank

'Save' the Best for Last

Have a silver, copper or ceramic piggy bank personalized with baby's name on it.

Then, you can include baby's first deposit. It's a nice way to start baby saving from day one. And then for every holiday, you can add to it.

It's a great way to help teach children about money and it'll be a great addition to any nursery or children's room. Plus, kids just love things with their names on them!

Personalized Piggy Banks

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