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Best Plants & Flowers to Give Mom For Mother’s Day

Published April 24, 2013        by Sarah

Woman with Plants

Mother’s Day comes around just once a year. So get ready for this year early by knowing what to get mom ahead of time. Plants and flowers are always a good idea. Who doesn’t love their fragrant blooms? You can find just about anything you like at any time of year nowadays. Gone are the days when you had to select from just what was in season. So get schooled on some of the best choices for Mother’s Day plants.

A flowering plant is a lovely idea for mom. You might select a potted rose plant that she can have indoors and then move outdoors when it gets warm enough.

Orchids are ideal for the mom with a little garden know-how. They’re a bit hard to take care of if you don’t know how. But they are the cream of the crop when it comes to flowering plants. Orchids come in many different types from vanilla to teacup varieties. Any that you select will be gorgeous.

For the simplistic Mother's Day gift with big appeal, go for the azalea bonsai plant. You can get these at florist shops. Azaleas by themselves are pretty. But when they are trained into bonsai trees, they are even more gorgeous. You can include a tiny pair of shears so she can trim it and keep it neat as it grows. Pretty pink flowers will add life to the room.

Hydrangeas never disappoint. You can either gift them as a wreath dried which is always pretty or you can go with fresh stems. They pair well with roses, so don’t be afraid to ask a florist to mix them for you in an arrangement.

Another nice idea is to start a terrarium garden for her. Buy a big glass container with a lid and fill it with small succulents and other plants. You can research easily what goes into a terrarium. They are easy to set up and a unique gift that will last a lot longer than fresh flowers.

Peonies only bloom for a short amount of time. It just so happens that they are perfect for a May holiday. They have fuzzy pink mop heads and also come in other colors as well. They are reminiscent of an Asian breeze and bring joy to everyone who receives them.

Go with a silk arrangement if you want your gift to last even longer. Today’s silks are so lifelike, you can barely tell until you touch them that they are artificial. Go to a craft store and make an arrangement in a pretty planter. The container really does have a lot to do with how the arrangement appears, so choose a mosaic planter or tin pot, vintage vase or gift basket for her, to make yours really special. Use floral oasis (the green chunky stuff at the craft store) to make sure your bouquet stays upright and intact. There are so many themes you can go with, from roses to carnations to calla lilies.

Don’t be sold on the very first plant at the garden store on Mother’s Day. Prices can be higher on this special holiday, so shop around and go for one of the lesser chosen plants for a real bargain that will look fresh.

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