Best Retirement Gift Ideas 2018

Retirement Gifts

Why Send a Retirement Gift?

Retirement Gifts

Retirement marks the end of one era and the beginning of another. It is the brink of the unknown, a very literal chapter end and beginning. It is exciting and full of possibilities. It can also, however, be somewhat intimidating. When someone close to you is retiring, it is thoughtful to send them a gift. Not only does the gift celebrate the years of opportunity ahead of them, but it can also honor the decades they have put into their work. These gifts are meaningful because they show how much you care, how much you have noticed, and how much you love and understand them. Perhaps this person needs a gentle reminder that their value is not tied to their productivity, or that they are allowed to rest and enjoy life. Retirement gifts are sentimental, whether small or large because it’s the gesture that matters most. To help narrow our focus, we have chosen the best retirement gift ideas for five different categories. We’ll be looking at:

  • Gift Ideas for Retired Military
  • Gift Ideas for Dad's Retirement
  • Retirement Gift Ideas for Uncle
  • Gift Ideas for Retiring Pastors
  • Gift Ideas for Retiring Police Officer

Gift Ideas for Retired Military

Retirement Gift Ideas

Meat and Cheese

It can be hard to decide on gift ideas for retired military in your life, a nice basket of meat and cheese may be quite appreciated. It’s uncommon to find someone who doesn’t like a variety of meats or cheeses to snack on. Since this type of gift is consumable, it may be a good option if you don’t know how they would react to a keepsake. You can hardly go wrong with a practical and delicious gift, especially when it is tastefully presented.

Meat & Cheese Wooden Gift Crate

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Does your friend or family member enjoy coffee? If so, then they may love the gift of coffee! This type of gift could go numerous ways, such as coffee samplers, a coffee and tea bags combination, or a coffee gift basket complete with cookies or biscotti!

Morning Wake Up Coffee and Tea Gift

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Fishing Gift Basket

If this retiree loves fishing, something fishing-themed would certainly be well-received! It’s always a great idea to focus on hobbies when it comes to retirement, as these activities are often pushed aside for years. It may be a pleasant reminder that they can now fish when they like! You could choose a nice fishing reel, or maybe even an assortment of hooks. Similarly, perhaps go for fun fishing-themed items such as mugs, shirts, or license plate frames.

Fisherman's Gift Basket

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A Classy Wristwatch

Best Retirement Gift Idea

Those in the military live by the clock. After a while, it becomes a habit to always be aware of the time and set their schedules accordingly. Gifting a classy wristwatch can be a thoughtful nod to their military experience.

Gift Ideas for Dad's Retirement

Retirement Gift for Dad

Golf Basket

Looking for gift ideas for dad's retirement? Does your dad enjoy golfing? If this has been a hobby of his, it can be touching to give him something golf-related. This will remind him that he can now golf as he likes, without rushing away to the office. For a golf-related gift, perhaps consider a nice set of clubs, or if that’s out of your price range, maybe a golf bag or golf accessories. On the other hand, a new set of golf balls or simply fun things like mugs and shirts could make for an enjoyable gift basket.

Golf Lovers Gift Box

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Wine and Snacks

It’s hard to go wrong with a wine and snacks themed gift. Not all dads love beer, but if your dad prefers it, then swap out wine for beer instead. However, if your dad does appreciate wine, perhaps go for a classier taste and choose a gift basket with an assortment of cheese, crackers, wine, and chocolate. Snacks are always appreciated, and when you combine an ideal beverage with a favorite snack, the gift is well-rounded and can mean a lot. It shows that you thought specifically about what they like!

Golden Vineyard Gourmet Gift Basket

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Football Game Tickets

Retirement Presents

If your dad is a big football fan, consider purchasing tickets for him to see his favorite team play live. There’s nothing quite like seeing a football game at the stadium with energy coursing through the stands. The mood is nothing short of electric, and it’d be a memory he wouldn’t soon forget! Similarly, if your budget allows for it, a very gracious gift would also be to give him season tickets. Of course, this type of gift doesn’t have to be limited to football, it’s for any sport he loves!

An e-Reader or Tablet

Retirement Present Ideas

Does your dad enjoy reading? Work has a way of crowding out the time needed for hobbies such as reading. However, now you can celebrate your dad’s retirement by giving him an e-Reader! Still, if reading isn’t his thing, you can provide a similar present by giving a tablet. Perhaps your dad hasn’t had the time to sit down and explore the modern enjoyments of technology. Now’s his chance!

Retirement Gift Ideas for Uncle

Retirement Idea for Family


We all know uncles are easy going, choosing retirement gift ideas for uncle should be fun! Perhaps you want to commemorate his retirement, but you don’t quite know him well enough for anything hobby-related? Not a problem, consider giving a variety of snacks! Snacks are always welcome, especially when it’s a variety of all different tastes and textures. You could combine cookies, crackers, and popcorn, or even throw in some chocolate!

Grand Snacker Gift Basket

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Golf Lessons

Creative Retirement Gift Idea

Has your uncle always talked about golf, but never had the chance to actually learn? Maybe it’s not golf, but tennis or swimming. It’s never too late to learn something new, and if your uncle has always been interested in something like this, purchasing lessons would be an incredibly thoughtful gift!

Cooking Lesson Gift Certificate

Unique Retirement Gifts

As with the golf lessons, has your uncle always been the cook of the family? If he enjoys being in the kitchen and has talked about a desire for formal food preparation training, a cooking lesson gift certificate may be the perfect thing!

Home Depot Gift Certificate

Popular Retirement Gifts

If your uncle likes being handy around the house with projects and improvements, the odds are rather high that Home Depot is a favorite store of his. It can show him how much you’ve paid attention to his hobbies by giving him a gift card. The simple gesture can encourage him to follow his hobbies now that he’s retired.

Gift Ideas for Retiring Pastors

Gift for Retiree

Nuts and Fruits

If you are trying to think of a good gift for your retiring pastor, perhaps consider a healthy snack tray, such as nuts and fruits. When you don’t know what kind of keepsake present your pastor may like, it’s never a bad thing to give a variety of snacks. They are practical and delicious, and will certainly be appreciated. Again, the gift itself doesn’t always have to be extravagant; it’s the gesture that matters most.

Dried Fruit and Nut Wholesome Snacking Gift

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Gift Certificate to a Local Museum

Unique Retirement Presents

Does your pastor enjoy museums? Giving them a gift certificate can show them how much you have paid attention to what they enjoy, and also that you appreciate their love of knowledge and learning. You could potentially give a gift certificate to one of their well-loved museums, or to a new museum you know they have yet to enjoy.

A Leather-bound Book

Thoughtful Retirement Gifts

It’s a pretty well-known fact that most pastors enjoy books and typically have rooms filled with overflowing bookshelves in their offices and homes. The bottom line: books are cherished. You could take advantage of this enjoyment by purchasing one of their favorite books in a leather-bound edition. Special edition books are precious to book lovers.

Gift Certificate to Preferred Bookstore

Thoughtful Retirement Present

Continuing with the book-themed gift, consider giving them a gift card or certificate to their favorite bookstore. Most pastors have a bookstore they frequent for resources, whether brick and mortar or online. Giving a gift card to this bookstore can be one of the best gift ideas for retiring pastors. This will not only make their day but also remind them of the free hours ahead for whatever reading material they prefer.

Gift Ideas for Retiring Police Officer

Best Retirement Present Idea

Nut Basket

Perhaps a friend in the police force is retiring and you would like to commemorate their service. If you aren’t exactly close to them, it can be hard to know what to give. A nice snack gift basket would be perfect for this occasion! Do they like nuts? You could give them a variety of their favorite nuts, such as pistachios, cashews, peanuts, and almonds! Likewise, this type of gift could include any snack you know they may like, such as varieties of cheese, fruits, chocolate-covered pretzels or strawberries, and so on.

Savory Favorites Assorted Nuts Tray

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As with the nut basket idea, popcorn could also be a fantastic gift! Retirement gifts are all about showing that you are thinking about them and want to wish them well in their new venture. It does not have to be a dramatic gift, and oftentimes, snacks are the best kind! With a popcorn gift, you could choose a variety of popcorn, such as Kettle Corn, cheddar popcorn, spicy popcorn, etc., or go for the sweeter types with chocolate or marshmallow popcorn. Gift baskets and assortments are always welcome presents!

Best Of Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn Variety Pack

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Sports-Related Gift

It can be hard to decide on gift ideas for retiring police officers but perhaps consider their favorite sports team. If they are a big sports fan, any gift alluding to their favorite team or style of sport can be quite appreciated! Whether you decide to specifically find merchandise for their team, or you look for general sporty items, this type of gift can be a fun reminder of their hobbies. Retirement is the signal of a life change from career-focused mindsets to interest-focused, and reminding them of the sports they love is quite appropriate!

Baseball Themed Cookie Planter Arrangement

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Movie Theater Gift Card

Popular Retirement Present

Finally, a gift card to the movie theater can be a very fun present! It’s hard to find time for the movies, let alone the money to spend at the movie theater. The police force carries with it numerous unknowns, so this is a simple, but fun reminder of the new adventure ahead of them. A movie gift card will celebrate the fact that they can now do what they like without a set schedule!

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