Big Sister Sibling Gift Ideas

abbybatchelder Big Sister Sibling Gift IdeasAnnouncing to a little girl that she’s going to be a big sister can be a very big deal. Depending on her age, she may be excited, jealous, ecstatic, or nonchalant. And don’t forget that older girls still may feel funny about the whole thing as well. One thing you can do to assure your older daughter that she’s still the apple of your eye is to give her a special gift. You can give her the gift at the time you tell her the news, or you can give it to her the day the baby is born. Plan to give it at the time she’ll need reassurance the most.

A nice gift is one that your daughter will be surprised at getting and will say that she is special and loved. Try to select something she’s been asking for or has mentioned that she likes. Present it as a surprise unveiling to add to the fun and drama.

Base your big sister gift on your daughter’s age and likes.

Some ideas for younger girls include:

  • Special Barbie dolls that have a sibling or are dressed as moms so she can be a little mom too
  • A play pet like a Zhu Zhu pet hamster can be a fun way for little girls to have someone to take care of. They can add to their family of pets over time as you add to your family too.
  • A special book about a character who gets a new brother or sister are especially appropriate.

Try not to feel you have to go overboard with these gifts for kids. This will be a joyful time in your daughter’s life if you include her in as much as possible. Let her help plan and make things for the baby. Let her help decorate the nursery, attend all baby showers, and feel like a big girl because she’s helping.

Older girls may react differently to the news of a new sibling. If you’ve got a tween or teen, they may seem uninterested or indifferent. Your gift should be special enough to them to show you care and want them to feel important.

Older girls will appreciate:

  • Is there a video or Wii game that she’s wanted but that you said no to? This may be a time to surprise her because it’s a really special time in your lives.
  • Giving her your time is probably better than anything money can buy. If she’s a tween, she’d love a day out just with mom or just with dad. Get her a manicure, take her to a movie, have dinner at a fancy restaurant. Anything out of the ordinary will be memorable in her mind. Older teens may not feel like spending time with you. But deep down inside they do what to be assured that they will not be forgotten now that a new little one is on the way. Treat her to a special day out and let her bring a friend. Tell them they can get pedicures at the mall, get a new cd they’ve been wanting or download some new tunes to the iPod.

No matter how old your daughter is, try not to make your gift all about money. Try to include the gift of your attention as part of the gift. An afternoon of watching movies alone with mom and baking cookies can be just as nice as something she can pick up at the mall.

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