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Birth Announcement Wording Ideas For Boys

Published October 27, 2011        by Sarah

Chalkboard Baby Boy Birth Announcements

There are few things in life as exciting as the birth of a child, and few things that can change a couple’s life as surely and swiftly as that child.  A new bouncing baby boy brings great joy, and great sleep deprivation, to his parents, and they understandably want to share that with friends and family.  Birth announcements are the perfect way to introduce your little man to your loved ones.  Chances are that you have your hands full with your new baby, but taking a little time in between feeding and diapering your bundle of joy will result in beautiful birth announcements.  Here are some tips and wording ideas to make your announcements even more special.

Birth announcements are designed to help you spread the good news.  Actually, in today’s fast-paced world, spreading the news is usually taken care of instantaneously with delivery room pictures snapped with cell phones and shared via email or Facebook.  Proud parents post pictures from the hospital, giving their loved ones a look of the new baby more quickly than has ever been possible. The role of the birth announcement, then, is a little more formal and traditional.  For those without cell phones and Facebook accounts, it provides the anticipated information about the baby.  For others, it provides a real photo that can be hung up, taped to the refrigerator, shared at work, or put into an album.

The announcements are typically sent between two and six weeks after the birth of the baby.  If they contain a photo, they are typically sent sometime within the first two months after the birth.  Sending them out as close to the birth as possible is always a great idea, but it is certainly understandable if you lag behind. You have a good excuse!Posh Baby Boy Announcements

It can be helpful to have some elements of your announcements chosen before the baby is born.  You obviously can’t have them printed because you’re missing the most vital information and, of course, the baby.  But you can decide on your wording and templates.  Do you want to go with the traditional postcard style, or will you opt for a modern option like tea birth announcements or birth announcement honey? After your son is born, you can simply insert the photo, then add the relevant information, and print.

Babies tend to bring out the sentimental side of people, particularly the proud new parents.  Wording can range from very simple and concise to poetic or religious to sweet and sappy.  The key is to choose or create wording with which you are comfortable.  If you are very sentimental and verbose, “We announce the birth of our son,” that may be too curt.  If you are more reserved, rhyming couplets may not be ideal.


Here are some samples for all styles:

  • It’s a boy!
  • After nine months, we are happy to say, It’s a boy, and he’s ready to play!
  • Our family rejoices as a new life’s begun, We are richer with the birth of our son.
  • Baseball, football, soccer anyone? Look out, Little League, here comes our son!
  • Our little boy is as cute as a bug. We can never resist giving just one more hug.
  • We joyfully announce the birth of our son.
  • We are proud to introduce our son…
  • Double the trouble, double the fun,
  • We’re proud to welcome our second son!
  • Our home has grown by two feet!
  • We made a wish and he came true.

No matter what your wording, make sure to include the vital information that your friends and family want.  The wording will only add to the charm of your announcements.

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